Wednesday 18 January 2012

Project Life | Week two

It's already Wednesday, and such a buzy few days, but you'll hear all about it next week! Here is my lay-outs for week two, quite a full week as well:

The picture was created by my eldest, after he asked what Project Life is all about, and I explained him a bit. He then wanted to know if he could help, and I said "Yes you can!". The little "instax" photo with frame around was made digitally from a normal photo. I used a photo frame called "Instax Frame" by Gina Cabrera, but saved it in such a way that I'm not sure where I found it, the case with a lot of my digital stuff.

I found a link to this questionare on Ali's PL blog. Download the New Years interview here. The arrow strip is cut from the Turquoise kit's paper.

Oh, by the way, our first language is actually not English. (Therefore please be patient with my blogging!) We speak Afrikaans at home, one of the many official languages in South Africa (I think there's 16). So, if any sentence pops up that doesn't make any sense, it's probably in Afrikaans! I've decided way back when I started scrapbooking, to use English on my pages, for a few reasons, such as that it would be more accessible, say for potentially English speaking friends and generations to come. A lot of digital stuff is also available only in English off course. But I love my own language, it's warm and passionate, earthy and intimate. It says things in a way that doesn't come out the same in any other tounge. I think I will still scrap some pages in Afrikaans.

This page contains a handout from the Planetarium we visited on Saturday. I'm planning to add a strip with Ali Edwards' "Title and journal overlay" from Designer Digitals at the bottom, telling the story of the trip, and hiding the outdated date on there.
I then added in an extra pageprotector- the 3 down 4x6 page protectors from Becky Higgins. I included a postcard with the Southern (as in Hemisphere) skies.

I know that that photo at the top left is just going to get funnier every time we see it. My boys on a frog walk. I did another "instax" photo for the journaling card (I cut it from the Turquoise paper kit). I was sorry to see that the numbers included in the kit only goes up to ten instead of 31. I suppose that you can put two circles together, but I'd prefer the number on one sticker. I think I'll just start adding them digitally.
And that's week two! Thank You for stopping by...

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