Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Project Life | Week 10

To catch-up with your Project Life posts, I believe, you have to blog more than once a week. But that doesn't seem to be happening right now. So, still catching up, here is Week 10:

On the left hand side, all products are from the PL Turquoise kit. I just put the entire weeks journaling on one card. It's not so clear on this photo, but in the album you can see the homework that Reuben is busy with. I thought that was nice to document. The "Hello Life overlay is from Ali and available at Designer Digitals. (And I wish I knew how to do those easy links at the bottom of your blog, sorry!).

One insert, containing a larger photo. The lay-out was inspired by Laura Kurz' amazing pages (but ended up not looking anything like it!). You'll see that I used a PL card on the left hand side. The boy tape I've had for ages, happy to give it a home! Top left I included a map (found in a newspaper advert) of our area (blurred it out a bit). I liked seeing that lines emerged as a theme this week. On the map and drawings (and even in the knitted wool perhaps?).

I'm so impressed with this very sweet (and I think first) family drawing by Liam. That's me on the left ;)
Stripey paperclips was found at Waltons Stationers. The card on the next page pulls out to reveal more photo's, of me with my hair curly, and straight (after a trip to the hairdresser). But I also started blowing it out straight on a daily basis not long after this. I forgot to photograph it for the blogpost. The speech bubble was a digital one I had, that I added text to, printed it out on a photo, and then cut it out and pasted onto a PL card.

No one but me would probably notice it, but this week marks a change in the way I take photo's. I took photo's in that way before, but subconciously steered away from it for a while. Perhaps because so many big events took place that just required mostly portrait shots. But this week I had myself inspired again by my favourite photography blog, Maine Momma  to look at photo's differently. To pay attention to the details, to see the beauty in them, the "photo opportunity". Photograph feet, and toys...
Another very inspiring blog is Habit, where a few women practise the daily habit of taking a photo and journaling something from the day. I find the journaling very interesting, but haven't gotten myself so far to journal in that style yet, usually because I save too little space for journaling, and then feel the need to just document the when, where and what. Yes, I still love every page more than the previous!

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