Friday, 28 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 49a

Hello and welcome to the first of my PL pages for December. As with the previous week, pages are no longer covering a week at a time, because of the volume of photo's. I did no other album for December, so it all had to fit into PL. I loved doing these pages and changed things up a bit from the rest of my album..
First, in stead of my kit date cards, I digitally purchased and used journaling cards from The Lilypad. I used The December kit from Splendid Fiins, and also  Get Happy festive journal cards from Alison Pennington. And I continued with the transparent Pocket Fillers no 3 from Valorie Wibbens. The sparkly silver strips (to cover up "let it snow"- not appropriate for South Africa hehe) was locally found at CNA.

December 1st, actually the previous week's Sunday, is included here. I did Sunday school and let the kids make some felt wreaths. The evening the kids and I flew to my family in Durban. My husband was working on site through-out this time. We caught an ad behind us on the airport photo that reads "all work and all play", right behind the appropriate heads. Not entirely true..

 The Monday was spent at Ushaka, browsing shops and dipping our toes in the ocean. All these photo's were taken with my sons little Canon, as mine was still dead. I added the star washi tape as these photo's differ a bit in dimension to my camera's. Or else I cropped them to fit. Gratefully I got it sorted out on the Monday, by confirming that it was indeed my battery that was finished. Word-art is from Ali.

These cousins.. they're like peas and carrots. I liked the effect of the transparencies through-out December. Got some left and will be using them in this year's album too.'

Another December post will be up tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 48b & 48c.

Hello and welcome to another PL catch-up post. Two more pages of our week in Dullstroom, before I move onto our next adventure...

 Up here you see The Troll house, where we stayed so comfortably during our week there. To tell the truth, when I saw the name and the spooky picture on the internet, I skipped right past.
I contacted the owner about another place, which was full, and she said she had this place available. So I had a look at more photo's and liked what I saw, and was desperate enough to want to stay near my husband's project. So we took it and we went and it was a wonderful stay. (Ok the four star rating also helped - and it was indeed very cosy).

Week 48b:  On both pages you can see some transparent pocket fillers (digitally purchased from Valorie Wibbens at The Lilypad.) .. Word-art from Ali at Designer Digitals. PL cards from Splendid Finns.
This page records Wednesday. I loved the skies after the daily thunderstorms. I took a few pictures of the view from the stoep with different backgrounds- all beautiful. And I loved reading a book for the first time in idea actually. It was Lineage of Grace, and I ended up buying the book to read the other stories I didn't read during our stay.
Also enjoyed finding different fruit trees in the garden.. figs, grapes and apples.
Week 48c...
Documenting Thursday-Saturday. I added Sunday to the next page as it was the 1st of December.
In spite of it being end of November, it was quite cold and rainy for a day or so. We still went into town to browse some shops- isn't the wood fireplace in the Tsonga shoe shop just wonderful? The whole village smelled amazing from all the fireplaces going.
And so did this coffee place - even for a non coffee drinker. I'm glad we "fitted in" going to the craft shop. It was so good to see them all enthusiastic about making mosaics. We took the six hour detour drive back home on Friday. Saturday we were sorting out some home stuff - like taking our Wirehaired Terrier to the doggy parlour for a summer shave. Looking all forlorn here..This was also the last photo I took with my DSLR before it mysteriously died. The battery seemed fine, as it worked in the video camera. I had to borrow my son's little camera for a few days until I got some help, but more of that in the next post.
Hope you check back for my pages on our trip to Durban, coming soon.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 48a

Hi there, I'm really excited to start sharing some of our holiday pages. This is all part of a major blog catch -up. From here on pages are not organised on a weekly basis because of the number of photo's I wanted to include. This spread covers Mo & Tue of week 48.
This was the week that we spent in Dullstroom. We had such a great stay there.
Fresh country air, and a walk to the tourist village full of interesting shops.
(Apologies for the grainy photo's. In real life they are very crisp.)
Apart from the Cobalt kit, I used some word art from Ali, additional cards digitally purchased from Splendid Finns (Nisa Finn), and some "pocket fillers'' printed on transparencies. They are from Valorie Wibbens. Both purchased at The Lilypad. 
I added two half-page inserts, here you see the middle of the two.
 And here is the back of the 2nd insert, and last page. The frame on the B&W photo was added by hand.
I'll be adding more of our  holiday pages during the week. And I'm linking up at The Mom creative.

Friday, 21 February 2014

This summer I loved...

It's in the air (some days), and on the calendar - around here we're approaching the end of summer. As you could read from my 3 month catch-up, it's been quite a summer for us, hopping around in four different provinces. So here it is in very random order:

This summer I loved...
Beach days, and swimming in the sea..
Long days, and late afternoon walks..
Jo'burgs blue skies and huge clouds. And rain when the sun shines..
Visiting Ushaka marine world..
The sound of heavy rain on our tin roof..
Fun times together..
The tastiest tomatoes from our garden..
Braais under the bushveld stars.
 The bushveld ..
Swimming in rivers (yes, me too)..
Eating outside..
Giving you more freedom..
Our bushveld kitchen..
Our garden on flower..
Picnic with friends..
Plantations in the mist..
Hiking to waterfalls..

Seeing you turn into waterrats.. 
So much to remember and about this summer. May Autumn totally live up to you.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 47

Welcome to week 18 - 24 Nov. Part of a major blog catch-up over here.

A really special week for me as I got to spend a morning with my best varsity friends. We live all over, from Pretoria to Capetown, and are very rarely in one place. If it wasn't for my friend Hanri, whom I concider the glitterglue that keeps us all together, we wouldn't even see each other every so many years. She's the one organising our reunion get-togethers, but this was just a quick "kuier" as she happened to be in town. Catching up over breakfast at a coffee shop, laughter and tears, delicious French toast and a gift of the best rusks from "The rusk diva".
I also made some painted "ladies" inspired by the talented Kelly Rae Roberts. Liam had a hat day at school, and was very keen on the mafia hat. And then it was time to pack for our first holiday adventure... I hope to start posting our holiday catch-up posts from next week.

Project Life 2013 | Week 46

Here is another catch-up post, Week 11 Nov - 17 Nov.

Highlights this week: Liam's school concert (he was the coolest superhero!), a full (Mo-Sa pm) week for Theunis on site (more of a lowlight), and we nearly burned out the poolpump (also not exactly a highlight) .. a pretty ordinary week.

 I included a pencil drawing by Liam, and a picture of a tank by Reuben. The "organic" circle was digitally cut from a PL card downloaded from Nisa Finn, and then added to the photo before printing.

The quote includes some words  of wisdom by my 6 year old: ''I know why God created angels.. because they can fit on earth. Otherwise He'd have to use a small tweezer ". The journaling cards on the right is a digital purchase from Nisa Finn. Some word art Ali also on this page. The photo's at the bottom was taken at the Emmarentia dogwalk.

Another update following tomorrow.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 45

This is the first of quite a few catch-up posts on last year's album. I'm going to keep the posts as simple as possible in the hope to get them all done pronto.

Here we go : Week 4 Nov - 10 Nov.

What happened this week: School year-end around here. Reuben's prize giving ceremony at school (he was awarded a certificate for excellent schoolwork). We also had our fifteenth wedding anniversary, but due to my husband's work, and him having to be 4 hrs away, we couldn't spend the day together :(... I also included some school reports and photo's here. That's Liam "graduating" at pre-school.

A close-up of the left side is MIA because my computer uploads it the wrong way around. But here's the page on the right. I also documented a day at the Botanical Gardens.  "Love one another" was a word-art freebie from Ali. Stripy green card was bought from Nisa Finn, who also designed the Cobalt kit. "Capture" and  "This moment" word-art is also from Ali, and available at Designer Digitals. Thanks for dropping by! More catch-up posts to follow this week.