Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Project Life | Week 13

Welcome to Week 24 - 30 March. One of those weeks where, had it not been for PL, I don't think I would have remembered much of...
This week: We realized the kids are so over the trampoline, so we got rid of it. It freed up space for them to invent all kinds of new games with trucks (that made a comeback) :: I told a story of R's bear making a postal services trip back home (after we forgot him on our visit to Durban) ::
and included a photo of the digital photo art Í made :: Also journaled about T's encounter with Elands at the Lodge he was staying at.
I actually didn't have that many photo's this week. For this I keep a Pending file of photo's that didn't fit into other weeks, photo's that can fit into any week of our lives really, like the Leggo one. A constant part of the story here :: I also took a photo of some kind comments by R's teacher on his school report. I usually file their report cards into PL. If I ever get around to making them their own school PL albums, these will just be transferred there ::  We had a chance to fit in a me&him movie date too this week (that I remember), and went to see Philomena. We both love anything Judy Dench :: Fun to include the cute school shoes tag for L's first pair. 
 PL is a memory keeping system by Becky Higgins. I'm using the Coral Edition.
Word art is from Ali Edwards. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Heartlight studio | Art Pendant

I'm still playing around with the Brass Pendants I shared about yesterday. This time I decided to use some art in my photo block... (scroll right down for a tutorial)
Some time ago I attended a mixed media workshop...
 And then got the book, Taking Flight, by Kelly Rae Roberts. I've made quite a few "ladies" since.
I'm most happy with my hands splattered in paint.
Well, playing with the pendants, I thought it might make nice gifts to translate the paintings into jewelry (if I don't keep them all). I photographed the ladies and put them into the frames.  Perhaps I can give the painting with the pendant? I'm also thinking about one or two displaying the kids art...
I also promised a quick tutorial:
To make up your pendant, you will firstly need a Pendant Kit, and a photo. The sizing of the photo might be the hardest part. If you have any photo editing skills, you can square crop your photo and then drag it onto another page sized to the size you'll be printing (measure the size of your other already printed photo's.) Then size your square photo (for the pendant) to 25x25mm. Save and print.
Once you have your little square photo cut out you can glue it inside the pendant. Leave it to dry for about an hour. Then apply some glue to the face of your photo, attach the glass, and leave to dry. The recommended glue is: Diamond Glaze or Pratley Glo. I tried some high quality Modge Podge and it came out a little streaky. Once dry you can string through your chain and it's ready to go.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Living with photo's | Brass pendant

Hello there! If you're new here, welcome! The first thing that you might notice about me (and if you've been here longer you might know), is that I love photo's! I'm taking almost daily photo's and documenting our story in Project Life. This year I am also intentional about getting more of them out of my computer and into my life.
Recently I ordered a kit pack of antique brass finish photo necklaces from overseas. It comes in a DIY kit, including an oval link chain, a glass tile and a square 25x25mm pendant. A beautiful way to hold on a bit longer to those moments.
I tried out a few photo's and love how both landscape and portraits look in there.
I even made one up putting words over a blurred image. Mmm, looks like I'm going to need a few of these.
But I do have some to spare! Yesterday I announced that I'm staring a little endeavour called Heartlight Studio where I plan to offer various photo oriented products, with some crafts thrown in. I'm making these pendants available as my first product. If you're interested please send me an e-mail at:
They can be ordered in single kit form, or in packs of 25. I can also make you a completed necklace with your photo in it. I'm shipping from Jo'burg, South Africa.
Hoping to share a quick tutorial on putting them together tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Announcing | Heartlight Studio

So excited, and a little nervous, to announce that I'm starting a little endeavour. My heart's desire is to make jewelry somewhere down the road, and this is the humble start of great plans. Being me I will most probably not stick to jewelry only. I definitely want combine it with my love of photo's and words and life documenting. And a few other crafts thrown in. I'd be so delighted to take you along on the journey. You can follow me here or send me an e-mail at to put your name on my mailing list. My first product should be up tomorrow.
"For God who said, Let light shine out of darkness, has shone into our hearts..." 11Cor 4:6.