Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Project Life | Week 39

Hello and welcome to Week 23-29 September. The week of school break influenced a fun page playing with colour and circles. 

My use of colour is also to an extent dictated by the colourful Cobalt kit I'm using this year. And I think it goes well with the ages of my boys. I'm planning on using the Seafoam kit next year, and will see how that influences the photo's I go for...

 This page :: Top photo was entirely inspired by one I saw on Ali's blog some time ago :: We tried out a new frozen yogurt place - icecream on tap and add your own sprinkles = fun (the frame used was a freebie from somewhere) :: Braai in the neighbourhood & sparkles for the kids (we now have so many kids in the circle we live in) I digitally made a blank circle and added a day of the week sticker and handwritten journaling after printing. All the other circle Wordart is from Ali - AE Circle messages Vol 1&2 - and  available at Designer Digitals :: I'm not sure what they were doing with the dogbath and hosepipe , but they had a great time (and the pool got filled and garden watered) ...

On this page :: More water fun :: a collage of their games & crafts over the schoolbreak- temporary tattoo's are becoming a holiday tradition here, Reuben did a selfportrait with a transparency on a mirror (idea pinned here.) and made fridge magnets on printable magnet sheets (previously blogged here.). Theunis took the photo of Reuben and the dogs (he doesn't pick up the camera often, but when he does, it's usually great photo's) :: I took the one of the Tuscan looking building against the dramatic skies. Shot out of the car when we stopped at a robot (This is part of Montecasino, Jo'burg loves all things Tuscan) ...

The photo of the gift has a journaling card at the back. It tells a  story and a deeper story that links to it :: The photo of us was taken by my Mom who flew in on the Saturday. She wanted a bragbook photo of the four of us. I added the "us" in felt stickers and drew the rest by hand. 

 I photographed these photo's a while ago and have since added my Mom's boarding pass to the stripey card.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Project Life | Week 38

Hello and welcome to Week 16-22 September. I'm still very current with this project, and hope to catch up with posting over the next week or so. Right now life is out of it's normal routines with my Mom visiting and hubby being away a lot for work.  Grateful for PL to keep some grasp on what's happening with time.

This week here was fairly routine still. No inserts or extra photo's.

This page starts with an out-of-focus selfie of me getting some early morning on-line inspiration. Love it out of focus, as for me it records a week starting as a challenge :: Then there's a block  of everyday life moments :: Leggo (or something similar) instructions :: Liam in his school t-shirt after a visit from an animal farm to the school (he loved the porcupine and baby lion) :: Cake photographed at a little birthday celebration at a friend's (remember kicking off our shoes, sitting in the breeze and chatting about keeping silkworms and some-one's daughter's gap-year at a sculptor's family in the Karoo) :: Reuben staying out of school the one day (he had a sore foot on the day they had athletic trials) and us playing Monopoly.

On this page :: First salad crop from the potted garden (hand drawn word-art) :: Taking the kids for a practice photoshoot. The "Why I love this photo" card tells the story of me bribing them to pose. On that particilar photo you can see Liam totally at the end of his smiles but still putting in an effort for me. Love that :: The actual photo shoot was for a friend's daughter's matric dance. The beauty you see  here. It was my first official "shoot" and I so enjoyed it. Might do a blog post about it. The "Hello story" card was made from word art by Ali (that I recently picked up at the Designer Digitals sale) and has a pull out card behind it that tells the story of the photo session :: And the card bottom right contains a ribbon with text printed on it. I attended the Shine Women's conference and high tea at Bryanston Church and the ribbons were included in our goodie bags. It was such an uplifting morning, with great guest speakers. More about it here. 

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And if any Project Life'ers missed it and would be interested: The Design Team call for 2014 is out on Becky's Blog and closing Sunday, 20 October.    

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kids' Art Fridge Magnets

I recently bought a pack of Printable Magnets sheets. The idea was to print some intsagram/polaroid looking photo's on them and then use it as fridge magnets. (Still planning to do that). There's a cool idea of this found on Elise's blog, pinned here. But then an idea popped into my head that we had to try.
I thought, if they're printable, they should be draw-able too...

So my eager-to-crafter had fun drawing images onto the paper. And colouring them. It was very easy to cut them out. 

And just like that we had fridge art that we love.

More ideas: I'm defnitely thinking of printing kids' artwork in frames onto the magnetic paper, looking something like this. Then I think kids' art cut out and laminated like this would also look great with a magnet glued to the back. And these shrink plastic ones were adorable too! 

PS: Locally I found the Printable Magnet sheets at the plastic shop at Lifestyle Centre, Randburg.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Project Life | WITL Week-end

Welcome to the 2nd spread of my WITL week, this one being all about our Week-end. A little trip to the charming town of Parys, and an overnight stay on the Vaal river.

I again went with some favourite photo's for the large pockets. This one's for Saturday. I have a previous post where I uploaded just the photo's & stories here.

And then I added some business card pocket pages again for more photo's of the day. Day of the week highlighted with felt letter stickers from Typo. They go on top of the plastic leaving the block transparent. Film strip washi tape added in the gap between photo's.

I still need to add a Sat & Sun tab onto those inserts.
Loved how willingly Reuben posed for that photo against the door.  Love how much of his personality shines through in that photo. A favourite :)

Here is the middle section of the two insert pages. On the left: more of Sa, and then on the right Sun. I cut the logo from complimentory stationary at the place where we stayed.

Sunday was also fully blogged here. The "Mamma" card (Afrikaans spelling of Mama) was actually cut from a birthday envelope. Not directly relevant to the day, but it landed up in the album and was showing through the transparent page and I liked it so much there that in it went.

 I thought the the quote freebie from Rebecca's blog, Simple as that was perfect to end my Week in the Life project with. It reads: "One day it dawned on her that life was not going to happen some time in the future. She realized that her happiness was right here and right now. "  
It certainly resonates me as something I've learned along the way.

Not familiar with Week in the Life? Read all about it on Ali's blog
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Friday, 4 October 2013

Project Life | Week 37 & WITL

Welcome to Week 9-15 September 2013. This was of-course the week a lot of us participated in Ali's Week-in-the-Life project. I did blog on it during the actual week, posting the photo's day by day, but as mentioned, I only got on board on the Wednesday, finding it too inspiring to resist. Here's how it all came together in my Project Life album. (I didn't do a seperate album for WITL)

I again forgot to add the date before photographing the pages! WITL felt alphabet from Typo. Monday and Tuesday didn't really have a many photo's. (The day of the week digital art was a freebie from Design Editor, I think). The selftimer photo of me and Liam is a little blurry- defnitely place for those in my album too. As from Wednesday I added two "normal" photo's per day. The first double page lay-out goes to Friday, and the week-end continues on another spread..

And off-course I had a few more photo's to add. For this I used businesscard sheets that I was very fortunate to come across in the week I was photographing this project. (Locally available from the Plastic place in Lifestyle centre, Randburg) I added some Washi tape down the middle to fill the gap.

Wednesday continues on the back of the first insert...

...And on the right we have Thursday...

Thursday continued, and Friday... Those selftimer photo's with the kids are really the gift of this week's project for me. The photo's I don't usually think of taking.
(If you look reeeally closely you'll see I added a little tea tag here, and a little washi tape camera there...)

 I added some of Wednesday's photo's to Friday, as I had too much of the one and too little of the other. The dishwasher etc, things that haven't changed in three days.

 And that's the last page (week-end continues in a next post). Oh yes, I do like me some pink, even if my album is mostly about my boys.

The Katrina Kenison quote was found via Ali, I think. I had it written in my diary for some time, and it was just perfect for this week. It says: "It has taken me awhile, but I certainly do know it now- the most wonderful gift I finally learned to cherish above all else, was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days."

Yes, if documenting my life taught me nothing else, it certainly taught me how precious everyday life is.