Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Project Life | Week 28

Hello and welcome to Week 28. The highlight of this week, for me, was defnitely my husband turning 40.
Two spreads was unavoidable. 

Love love love this page!

Here I documented: A Monday afternoon trip to the Putt-Putt course (it was still School Break). My husband playing guitar for me after the kids went to bed. Them playing with their cars. They are so into cars right now. Late afternoon shopping trip to our preferred Mall. And an afternoon walk at Emmarentia Dam. The winter all over the park was just so beautiful.

I just had to include more photo's from that walk. We also took some great selftimer photo's of the 4 of us. I would have loved to enlarge it really big, but it didn't work well with the pockets. The top right photo has a little biker in it- that was Liam.

My husband just stretched out his arm for the big square photo.

I included a fold-up kit card to journal about his actual Birthday.

I love how perfectly the freebie card matches this page. It is from Kim Church. I digitally added a tag over it. I also made the 40 card, adding the digital "Hooray" Freebie. The last card documents ANOTHER win at Kids National Geographic. Reuben was admiring the Top Trumps cards in the magazine, and only later read the fineprint and realized that he was selected as Subscriber of the month, and winner of the cards.
The early morning Happy Birthday selftimer moment was set up by Reuben. Thank you! And the evening we dined out at Founders. Love their food and the fact that they gave us our own little suite because it was his Birthday. Couldn't believe that I forgot my camera, but took some cellphone pictures.

Need to dash, I will add the second spread tomorrow, hopefully.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Project Life | Week 27

Hello and welcome to my Second Album for the year...

This is what I finally ended up doing for a cover page (after I initially had a somewhat different page when I was planning on splitting the year in May).

And here is Week 27.

I had a bit of an AHA moment recently... While looking through Becky's monthly inspiration from the Design Team, I hopped over to Nisa Fiin's Blog. Nisa is the designer of the Cobalt kit (the kit I'm using for this year). And her pages so inspired me. Truth is that for the first six months of this year, I struggled a bit with this kit. I was looking at other creatives and trying to do the same thing with my pages. But I couldn't get the same effect as I didn't have the same kit as them. I hence added a lot of other cards that were not from the kit.  Seeing how Nisa used Cobalt made me understand what was intended with this kit. Lots of white, bold brights and black & whites. I'm hoping to change things a up bit for the next six months and enjoy my kit!

Left page: I changed the date stamp from a numbers only regular office stamp, to one that gives the month in words. The Month card is a freebie from Monika Wright (she regurlarly gives current month's cards).
Facebook card was also a freebie. This journals another prize we (this time Liam) won in the National Geographic Kid's Birthday competitions. I love that the sun's intensity caused the black tarred area at the go-carts appear white on this photo. More white space, yeah!

After I took & uploaded all the photo's I realized that I haven't added a tag I planned to do. So here's one with the tag added. A journaling card cut smaller and corner punched.

Right side: A selfie of me in front of the computer. The speech bubble card is a freebie from Dunia. I cut out a bubble to show some of the photo behind it. The yellow metal tag (it says "with love" in Afrikaans) was from a Birthday brunch I attended.  Dispicable Me Minions cut from a magazine. The photo of the kids is actually from the original second album cover page, so it is a few months old, but I really wanted it in the album, so in it goes! Coincidentally they wore the same shirts on other photo's from this week as on the photo :).

And lifting the speech bubble card is a photo of one of two birthday gatherings I attended this week.
I digitally added an almost transparent strip at the top to include journaling.
And that's the week.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Project Life | Week 26

It's week 26 and we're halfway! This is the last spread in my 1st album for the year. I'll start July in the 2nd album. It also means it is mid-winter in Jo'burg.

This week kicks off 3 weeks of School Holidays...

Celebrating sleeping in late. Spending the mornings in our Pajamas. Chilling. We got the fireplace going. Wonderful. Hubby and I had a morning Breakfast date. Bliss. (Twosons label added afterwards for blogging purposes, it doesn't appear in the actual album).

Our little liquart tree is bearing fruit, even though I planted it in the wrong spot. I was inspired by a recent PL post by Ali, to use pencil for journaling. For me it creates a lighter feel than pen on a busy page.

  When you turn the insert over: Liam (in his Superhero cape) waiting for Reuben to return from Chess holiday program, and other bits of life.  I got the idea for the tag cloud from Nisa Fiin's blog.

And on the last page I journaled about our rather social week-end in a silver pen. Caught Reuben playing computer games (they don't have computer games at home except for chess, so they enjoy playing it at Spur). I made the "In the news" card since I couldn't find anything in my Freebie collection. Documenting Madiba (ex president Nelson Mandela) being very ill in hospital, and, unrelated I think, US President Obama being in the country for a visit. Got the great picture online at Rapport Newspaper. We also went to see Monster's University this week-end. I cut the image from a Cereal box.

Here's a somewhat clearer image of the journaling card.

And that's the insert-turned spread. The Facebook card is a freebie. I copied and pasted a Facebook anouncement (by Kids National Geographic) that Reuben won a bookprize in their Birthday competition.

And the last page. I have previously blogged about it as I was originally going to divide the year into 3 albums, but then realized I can go for two albums instead.
I'm using the Cobalt kit this year & I'm linking up at The Mom Creative every Tuesday.
Thanks to everyone popping in & a big thanks for leaving a comment!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project Life | Week 25

Hello, and welcome to Week 25. For this week I went crazy again and did two double page spreads. The reason was mainly that I wanted to include some end of term school stuff, without missing out any other details of the week.

Here's the first spread.

On the left I wanted to include a few photo's from Monday which was a Public Holiday. We went on a short hike at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. I wanted to include photo's showing the different vegetation we came across in one walk.

 On the right I included a copy of Mining Weekly featuring an article about my husband's current project. Like to include some if his work stuff here.

And school stuff, defnitely. Here I included Liam's school report (love the wormy) . Reuben's had to go back to school, so I photographed the closing remarks by his teacher. Super happy with, and grateful for both their results.
I also took some photo's from the books they brought home, a woodwork project Liam did, and one of Reuben's artclass paintings. My hand in the mitten is just to document how cold I was in front of the computer.

"Top of the class" and arrow cards were freebies. Both are from Persnickety Prints, the arrows are here.. My PL freebie Pinterest board is here if you want to scroll through for the other link. Sorry, some I've downloaded a long time ago and have no idea where they're pinned.

And then for the second spread:

On the left: Theunis working on an assignment outside. Love that I caught him under a lensflare rainbow. Then just documenting us all having flu and some precious creative time spent together, tucked under a quilt. A visit from a friend, growing vegetables from scraps for fun. And last day of the term. The "Hooray" circle was also a freebie that I digitally placed over another white circle to create space for journaling.

On the right: Documenting Friday afternoons, when Theuinis sometimes manages to get home earlier, and we drink tea & coffee together. A BMX party we attended, and going to see Epic at the Cinema. (I found the image in Reuben's National Geographic Kid's magazine). Freebies here includes: Top card from Cathy Zielske, Hello Winter card, love how timeously I found the "Oops" card to record Reuben kicking a ball inside and breaking a large flower vase filled with water. On a day that I was in bed with flu. Picking up hundreds of little bits of glass.

And then, still including more photo's, I made a flip-up to add more Bike track photo's. The digital biking brushes freebie was also super timeous. You can find it here.

And that's it. Phew, a long post. Anybody still out there? Thanks for making it through.