Thursday, 21 November 2013

Project Life | Week 44

Hello and welcome to Week 28 October - 3 November.

This week I really felt it was time for a large photo... and I wanted to include some of the pirate maps Liam has been drawing a lot of.

But first the left side :: I think its the first time this year that I managed to use that specific date card :: Our new diningroom table and the story that goes with it :: A summary of the week. The journaling cards were freebies from Nisa Finn, I think :: I managed to get good photo's of both the pets this week, Zoe is usually very camera shy, but here it looks like she's posing. :: The first of my cherry tomatoes :: And a story box I made for the little kiddies at Sundayschool.

And here is our enlargement and another pirate map. I LOVE this photo, because it so much tells the everyday-life-right-now story. And the fact that Liam is doing a belly flop into the pool is telling me how much things changed since last year's swimming season.

I square cropped and divided up the page digitally, and then had them printed at a printer as single photo's.
Word art is from Ali, and available at Designer Digitals (who's having a sale right now, ending tomorrow). And that was Week 44.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Project Life | Week 43

Hello and welcome to Week 21-27 October. This week was a bit of a breather for me, as Theunis didn't have to be away from home on site. But the reason being that he was writing two exams during that week. (And still working very hard at the office). What can I say, the work play balance have been totally off for us this year.

This week ended up with a lot of violets, pinks and blues. All colours represented in the Cobalt kit. I think it can totally work just bringing out certain kit colours in a spread and letting the whole album combined then make up the colour scheme.

So here I was :: Making some progress on a Granny Square blanket I'm working on :: And this made my day: the boys playing with the fish-eye feature on Reuben's kiddie camera. The results were hilarious.
"Home sweet home" word art is from Ali @ Designer Digitals.

I went to a Christmas craft market and at home took a photo of the stuff I bought :: I also took a photo of a pirate map by Liam. He was drawing quite a few of them lately. I sometimes include the actual art, or take a closely cropped photo. Here I included some background :: Pink bunny was my first, and probably last, attempt at Arigurumi. I made it for someone's babyshower together with a lovely large muslin cloth I bought. Muslin cloth was one of my favourite baby products when my kids were small and I think it will be a go to babyshower gift for me. Idea: I photographed the bunny on some kitpaper for a background.

The babyshower was really cute with so many touches I didn't even photograph :: I'm glad we stopped en route somewhere to photograph the Jakaranda flowers. This time of year Joburg is full of the lilac blossoms and when it rains the streets are covered in it too.

Right now I'm thinking about my kit for next year. I think I'll be going with Sea Foam, but we'll see.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Project Life | Week 42

Hello and welcome to week 14 - 20 October. Catching up on posting PL spreads this week.

This was the last week of my Mom's visit... I love all the creams here (though not my favourite colour).
I couldn't find a datecard that quite went with the page, so made one from the (Cobalt) kit cardstock.

My Mom did a lot of knitting (for charity and also made the boys some beanies). Theunis was away on site again for a couple of days. We tried to Skype in this time, but the reception was so bad that we had to Skype & phone! I loved us dropping the kids off at school while he was away, and journaled a bit about our drop-off routine. I was so glad that he could be back for Reuben's Chess Prize night. His team got a Bronze in the regional trials, and the school did very well overall.

The highlight of the week was a daytrip for my Mom and I to Dullstroom (Theunis dropped us off on his 2nd trip to site that week). For those not too familiar with South Africa: It's a little tourist town known for charming shops and flyfishing is big in the area. Some of the things I loved: The chocolatier, the year round Christmas store, the Polly Potter Toy store, all the fresh country air, the charming old houses with rambling gardens, me and my Mom on a little adventure, the porcelain art, the craft shop (of course), and eating deluxe pancakes at Harries Pancakes. Oh, and the Tsonga shoe shop. It is an empowerment project for rural women and there were beautiful large photographs on the walls of some of the women contributing to the project.  

I added a flip-open pocket for a few more Dullstroom photo's.

Other things recorded this week :: Eating rusks with my Mom (in our PJ's) on slower mornings. It's a little tradition- I always make rusks for when she visits. I found the sparkly circle in my beadstash and thought it perfect to record us going to see the Diana movie (so much a Mom & daughter outing). For Saturday I liked this foot photo instead of a busy picture of the party the kids attended. And Sunday we were saying goodbye again. We really prefer the smaller Lanseria airport to the busier OR Tambo. Great to have a choice!

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Project Life | Week 41

Welcome to Week 7 - 13 October. And yep, he's holding a cloud.

This was the 2nd week of my Mom's visit...

My husband is in the commissioning phase of his two year project and away on site a lot. The photo of him at the bakkie is me saying goodbye to him for another weeklong site visit (gratefully it ended up being less than that). Feels like I'm saying goodbye to him all the time (although there are as many hello's as goodbyes if you think about it :-) :: Celebrating a Birthday in our Women's group :: Kids taking turns to sleep in my bed when Dad's away - that stopped because they're not very concientious co-sleepers :: I recently picked up a few wooden embellishments, mostly for December, but couldn't resist adding the star here.

Really appreciated how my Mom connected with the kids, getting involved with homework and games :: Mall and lunch outing for me & my Mom :: evening out for me and DH :: a trip out to a creative place where the kids made sand art :: and my turn at Sunday school. We talked about rain in our story so I made them a big cloud, which they loved. If you, for whatever reason, also want to know how to make a cloud, you can find the Pinterest link: here. It was actually surprisingly easy.
Wordart is from Ali, picked up at the Designer Digital's quaterly sale.

And that's Week 41, pretty straightforward.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Project Life | Week 40

Man am I glad to be back. It feels like forever since I've last been able to do a blogpost. But happy to say that the problems with the land line my homecomputer runs on have finally been resolved, and I'll be doing some catching up in the week to come.

So without further ado, welcome to Week 30 September to 6 October...

This was the week the kids went back to school after a short Spring break, and also the 1st week of my Mom's visit. Although it was great to have her here, my vision for the pages was to not just have a lot of portrait photo's of us with my Mom in different settings. (I've done that with previous visits). So here we have :: Last day of school break and lunch at the Spur and some time on the Go-carts :: Liam dropping off his bag in his classroom :: and some ABC's by Liam.

This page :: My crazy Jeronimo's in the pool. I added a fabric Everyday tag found with clothing I purchased :: a date night we seized while my Mom was here to babysit :: the dotty card is a Birthday invite Reuben got for the Saturday. We all went into different directions as he and Dad attended the party, my Mom and Liam went to make pizza and chill at a coffeeshop/playarea, and I attended a pendant making workshop. My Mom joined me later to browse through the many stalls at HobbyX. I was a bit dissapointed with what the Scrapbooking stalls had on offer. No Projectlife products anywhere in sight, or any of the stuff I fancy on the Internet. I got a few things for my Christmas pages though.

A pull-out card tells the story of the day.

And here is a close-up of the pendand I made. This is actually the back, the front has a raised heart outline on it. This was such an awesome process to work with silver clay and then to see how the clay turns to silver after firing (by hand) and brushing. Loved it.

I'll be linking up at Simple as that for their Saturday share, and The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

Sunday, 3 November 2013



I've been absent from my regular blog posts lately. My home computer uses our landline to connect to the Internet. It appears that an underground cable for this landline have been affected by lightning and the people supposed to fix it is taking a very long time to get the job done.

I'm posting via laptop right now. It used to also be connected via the same source, but I've managed to get connected via a little Vodafone device. (Hear between the lines about two weeks of no Internet and a mission to get this other option sorted out.) As soon as I've figured out how to upload photo's via laptop, or they sort out our landline, I'll be back at blogging and catching up on Project Life posts. In the meantime I'm enjoying making huge progress with my backdated 2008 album.

Ps: Please note that I'm also not able to get into my Inbox right now. Please leave any messages on my blog. Thank you and take care..