Thursday, 29 March 2012

Project Life | Week 8

Welcome to my Week 8. The "one little week" is a free down-loadable wordart from Ali, and I thought it very appropriate documenting the one little week visit from my Mom.
The cute days of the week journaling cards are also free downloads, from Cathy Zielske. Find them here.

We took a lot of photo's on both the Friday and Saturday, so I decided to do Digital Lay-outs for each day. In retrospect I might have wanted some of those photo's bigger. This is a template from Ali called AE Layered template nr 33. The "relax" button was bought at a coffee shop! The back of this layout contains another digital template lay-out. It came out blurry on the photo I took of the page, and I can't remember the origin of the template, so I'll leave that out. It's very similar to this page.

A glance at both pages...

And the last page. The days of the week overlays are also from Ali, available for purchase at Designer Digitals, I think they're called "AEdwards 6x4 journalers". The cute aeroplave card tells the story of trouble with the airline that my Mom was flying with. It was a freebie from somewhere, but I can't find it now. I think it's called "Let's go". You can try my Project Life Pinterest board. I usually pin all the freebies I come across on there. And I mostly use freebies apart from my kit. And that was Week 8, which flew by because I anticipated it so much, and wanted the visit to last longer! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Life | Week 7

Hello there! Still busy catching up here. I have to say that I just love this Project more every week! Thank you Becky (Higgins)!! I'm always most thrilled with the week I'm busy with. Find myself going over the pages again and again. I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Here's the first page of "Valentine week" :

It documents a morning (the only one so far) that Liam didn't want to go to Pre-school, and how good it was to just be home for him to spend the morning with me. The balloon was a Valentine's gift Reuben ordered for me from school. (Love that I'm his Valentine still). Some crafting at Women's group. A photo from my Brother's wedding (we couldn't make the trip). I like it that he is looking straight at the snapshot while every-one else is concentrating on the official photographer.

Here's a full view of both pages, with the insert to the right. It contains a Valetines Day card from my DH . And I just love pages that has crayon somewhere in them. Liam impressed me with these beautiful flowers he drew. He didn't like drawing much before, but has really grown in this area this year.

Here's the other side of the insert. It contains a Valentines Day card from Reuben. It says "Mama I love you" in our home language, Afrikaans. Also a photo of a Valentine's Project I did (seen on Maine Momma's blog). I melted bits of crayon pieces in the oven in heart shaped ice-trays, and stuck the finished & cooled hearts onto paper with a message. They went to school with the boys. The photo in the red frame was a hug I captured from my perspective. The photo at the bottom right is a flip up that I sewed on:

Here you can see inside. The top documents a Pony party we went to, and this is a photo of my Mom's arrival at the airport, and lunch we had there. Sunday we lunched somewhere else again. The Valentine and "All you need is love" cards are freebies I found on Pinterest. You can find them on my Project Life Board here. Sorry, I'm too focussed/busy/lazy to look it up now :)
Thank's for looking!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 6

Welcome to week 6:

We were into February here, and I liked going for reds and dark browns and creams. Intentially and unintentionally. This week records the first week of going on an eating plan (after the previous week's spiritual fruit & veg fast). It was quite challenging in many ways, but at the same time easier than we anticipated. We (yes "we" :my husband kindly joined me, lot's of brownie cellery points for him!) actually started to love and want healthy food. We tried some very new (to us) things, like Quinua (still don't want that!) The plan is Dr. Gillian McKeith's 30 day eating plan and I lost about 3 kgs in the first week.

This week I also recorded a bit on my husband's work-life (he's a Project Engineer). He went on a 2 day site visit and took the camera along. The "big love" word-art was a freebie from Robyn Meierrotto at Design House Digitals. Their weekly freebies are worth checking out.

This week, surprisingly, only has two pages! It also documents me going for my very first crochet class in my friend's gorgeously colourful home. I've included one of the little things I've crocheted. The week-end our church had our second de-clutter day where everyone chucks out their unwanted stuff in the morning, and come and "shop" for free in the afternoon. It's a lot of fun, and I again had some good finds, including some oil paint and a handbag made from Indian sari's.
And here's the full spread:

If anyone reading here is not familiar with the Project Life concept, and wants to know more, you can read all about it on  Becky's blog.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 5

Yes, it's happening, my PL posts are getting ticked off one after the other! Here's week 5:

A relatively calm week after all the Birthday and New-school-year craziness. I focussed on an aspect of my "One little word" {Flourish} for the year, nl. Nourish and shared it (my OLW) at Women's group. A lot of focus on Reuben this week, I know. Showing off some of his new school gear. I'll restore the balance again with a more Liam focussed lay-out at another time. But he doesn't always enjoy posing for photo's as much as his brother. And other times he enjoys the posing part a litlle bit too much!
The "love you to the moon and back" word art is from Robin Meierotto at Design House Digitals. The days of the week (Wed) was typed in with Ali's Handwritten font, and the other one (Tue) I think was downloaded for free from Design Editor.

 The highlight of the week was that Reuben started horseriding lessons. I made a special insert for this in my Microsoft photo editing program. I just opened a photo. Cropped it to the size I wanted. Then I set transparency to 100% and worked on the blank page, dragging photo's on and adding text. Then I digitally pasted the two sides (back and front) on one page and prited as A4. It's the easiest way for me, even though I do own and use Photoshop Elements for template lay-outs. It printed a bit too narrow, so I added some paper from the PL Turquoise set. PS: I have bought & added a tab to the side of this page after I've taken the photo.

And this is the other side. The journalling tells the story of why I felt that he should go for riding lessons (he's great with animals) and how we ended up at his riding instructor. And then I tell of how the first lesson went, the pleasure of the farm experience, walking past an apricot orchid to the field.  And how confident he was and how impressed his instructor was. And that she allowed Liam to ride the horse at the end of every lesson.
And as if his past couple of weeks wasn't exciting enough, Reuben still went and lost his first tooth this week :) I've been getting a lot of lower case toothy smiles on photo's since. Some felt crafting with a friend, lazy late summer days... And the Sunday was the ordaining of another set of elders at church. We are part of New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI). This couple is such an inspiration, so humble, and so on fire for God and ready for new challenges in their 60's. Love them and honour them. Oh, and our church also fasted this week. I was on fruit and vegetables and it was a wonderful time. A cool week!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

7 Cool things about Reuben's Birthday Party.

I'm interrupting my PL catch-up posts with this list of cool things about Reuben's Rockets and Robots party:
(it was totally inspired by Ali's post on cool things about her son's party.)

COOL THING #1: Defnitely Emile arriving wrapped in foil from head to toe, with a foil rocket on his back.   Totally cool!
COOL THING #2: Red  jelly, vanilla icecream and blue bubblegum sauce. The kids loved it and the parents  also wanted some.
COOL THING # 3: The Rockets and Robots theme. It was a great theme to work with. So many fun stuff to make, like the tinfoil robots and the paper rockets. And the Rocket cake!

COOL THING # 4: Friends. Good and comfortable friends that stayed till late. Even after they got soaking wet in the rain.
COOL THING # 5: The rain! Jumping castle + rain = fun. The kids loved to take their shirts off and play in the puddles. It was Reuben's favourite part of the party.

COOL THING # 6: The fact that it was a street party & that a lot of our neighbours attended it too.
COOL THING # 7: How Reuben paused and took in the words on our card before he opened his gift. (And the fact that it was Kid's Monopoly and he can't get enough of it!)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 4

Hello there, I hope you're feeling a lot better than me right now. Dealing with some flu bugs here. Seasonal changes I guess. Anyway, here is the first intalment of week 4: This week, like week 3 ended up being two double pages. I won't be doing this a lot, I promise. (Though most weeks do end up with an extra insert.) This was my son's "Rockets and Robots!" Birthday party week, hence the need for more "space" (hehe) for photo's and stories..
The first half of the week was mainly about party preparations. Those little robots was an idea on Pinterest. I wrapped small Smartie boxes with tinfoil and then added folded (and silver sprayed) arms, legs and heads with googly eyes. Labour intensive, but I just loved them! They went into party packs with sweeties and rocket & robot themed stickers.

Some more bits and pieces of the week. I've tried to find some info on the Robot scrapbook paper I've used, but it's been cut to pieces! All I can say is that one is from Craft n Craftin Item # R008. Some "Night Light" journaling cards from October afternoon, and some more robot paper from
The last bit of the page is used to introduce the party. Don't you just love that his best friend showed up wraped in foil from head to toe? We live in a great neighbourhood, where most of the kids have their parties in the circle outside. We did so too, and hired a jumping castle for the day. First time I did that. I'm far more a fan of partygames. But concidering that there was a lot of carting stuff hence and forth, I decided to save that bit of energy!

The second double page looks like this:
My boys are carrying "jetpacks" made from Pringle containers wrapped in foil and some "fiery" cellophane added. I also printed out some Nasa tags for everyone (found them on Pinterest).
Any-one interested in browsing my Pinterest board can go here. That cake took quite a bit of "Rocket science" but baking and decorating, or more the decorating part, is one of the highlights of my kid's parties for me.

And this is the last page, still mostly documenting the party, and the fact that we got caught out by an unexpected rainshower.. Love that my friend got those photo's of the kids playing in the rain while I was running around getting stuff indoors. I would have totally missed that, and I think it was the highlight of the party for most of the kids! You might have noticed that on the previous page the card peeking out (middle left on this page) differs from the one you see here. That's because I realised only after posting on the blog that those two cards were actually turned around (facing the next week) in my album. I suspect I had nothing to do with that.
And here's the entire second double page:


Friday, 9 March 2012

The big PL catch-up | Week 3, second page.

Yes, me again, back so soon! Here is week 3's second page. You'll see from my previous post that this was a very  FULL week with a Boy's Birthday and 1st day of school all in one go. Just too many photo's for one spread. But doing it this way meant that I didn't feel the need to do an additional Digital lay-out of the First Day. This year my focus has defnitely moved from Digital Lay-Outs to PL. The digital stuff is still very handy in PL too, though. And I still want to {make time!} & do Digital albums.

This page just documents the morning drop-off of the 1st day. It includes a little leather school shoe tag. The alphbetical tags from the Turquiose kit were perfect for this week. Mama just blocked out a little note containing their school names (one is in Primary, one in Pre-school now). The "Playing" circle is from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. The pack is called "Prep school".

Another A4 insert containing a welcoming letter Liam got from school..

Um, yes, in case you're wondering why my pages aren't in an album, I'm still waiting here at the Southern tip of Africa for it to arrive...This page is about the rest of the week, some kid's art, parent meeting at school, athletics, Sunday school..I find it hard to not document something from every day. Most of my weeks have a story for each day. I can be rather chronological with some things.
And that was week 3!

The big PL catch-up| Week 3

Oooh hello, what is this? My blog?! Gasp! I've just about almost forgotten about you! I'm sorry, but you know, life got in the way, friendships and hobbies and birthday parties and kids starting school and pre-school for the first time and ..and.. all in random order. But I have kept up my Project Life album, just haven't posted my efforts anywhere.

Well, here is the first of my major catch-up: Week Three:

My apologies again for the photo quality. I have to take them with my little canon, as the only working lens I have for the SLR is too long. This week consists of two double pages. If it's your son's birthday and first day at school (and your youngest's first day at pre-school) you cannot get away with anything less than 2 pages. (Not in my world in any way.) And there is another insert containing some memorabalia from his "Rockets and Robots" Birthday party, which thankfully wasn't that week, but a lot of preparations happened here. Such as the invite that can be seen hanging in one photo (middle 1st). An actual invite is included in the inserted A4 sheet. The "Happy Birthday" wordart was a free download, but not sure from where.

The invite is written on the reverse, the top sprayed silver, and decorated with stars. All cut in a spiral and hung from a string, with the rocket (the one on the left) dangling at the bottom. The idea came from a beautiful party book called "Childrens Parties" by Rose Hammick and Charlotte Packer.

And this is the right hand side where I start to document the first school day (In South Africa school years starts in January). In the back of the A4 insert I included a certificate my youngest got on his 1st day at Pre-school. Very protective Mama just blocked out some of the info on there. The little schoolboy picture and "First day" word-art is from a "Wicket Smart" freebie, no longer sure from where, sorry! My youngest is actually not in uniform, it just looks that way since he happened to be wearing a denim shirt.
Well, that wasn't so bad. Back on the blogging horse I think!