Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Project Life | Week 26

It's week 26 and we're halfway! This is the last spread in my 1st album for the year. I'll start July in the 2nd album. It also means it is mid-winter in Jo'burg.

This week kicks off 3 weeks of School Holidays...

Celebrating sleeping in late. Spending the mornings in our Pajamas. Chilling. We got the fireplace going. Wonderful. Hubby and I had a morning Breakfast date. Bliss. (Twosons label added afterwards for blogging purposes, it doesn't appear in the actual album).

Our little liquart tree is bearing fruit, even though I planted it in the wrong spot. I was inspired by a recent PL post by Ali, to use pencil for journaling. For me it creates a lighter feel than pen on a busy page.

  When you turn the insert over: Liam (in his Superhero cape) waiting for Reuben to return from Chess holiday program, and other bits of life.  I got the idea for the tag cloud from Nisa Fiin's blog.

And on the last page I journaled about our rather social week-end in a silver pen. Caught Reuben playing computer games (they don't have computer games at home except for chess, so they enjoy playing it at Spur). I made the "In the news" card since I couldn't find anything in my Freebie collection. Documenting Madiba (ex president Nelson Mandela) being very ill in hospital, and, unrelated I think, US President Obama being in the country for a visit. Got the great picture online at Rapport Newspaper. We also went to see Monster's University this week-end. I cut the image from a Cereal box.

Here's a somewhat clearer image of the journaling card.

And that's the insert-turned spread. The Facebook card is a freebie. I copied and pasted a Facebook anouncement (by Kids National Geographic) that Reuben won a bookprize in their Birthday competition.

And the last page. I have previously blogged about it as I was originally going to divide the year into 3 albums, but then realized I can go for two albums instead.
I'm using the Cobalt kit this year & I'm linking up at The Mom Creative every Tuesday.
Thanks to everyone popping in & a big thanks for leaving a comment!


  1. Love that Obama picture - I took one while he was talking from the union buildings on TV with the kids.

    Gosh, I just realized I may have to devide my year too - I thought I could do a year in one album but nwo need to think about it.

  2. Great pages. I like that you are dividing the year into albums. I still haven't figured out what to do with mine (digital), but I'm so far behind, I won't have to worry for awhile. LOL. Love the "in the news" and facebook cards. :)

  3. The idea to use a pencil for journaling is new to me, but it looks great! And I love including something in the news as a filler when I can as well.

  4. Stopping by from the Mom Creative. I love how you used those stickers grouped on a journaling card. I also do that and think it's a great way to use up those tiny stickers. Gotta try the pencil journaling, too. Natalie from ArchitectMAMA

  5. Lovely Alida. Love how you captured so many different elements of your week, from current events in your country, to what you kids are doing on holidays, what movies are playing and even what tea you drank. I'm sure that it's the mix of memories that will make our albums really interesting in years to come.

    Have to say SNAP with the Monsters University movie...we went to see that last weekend too :-