Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Daily | Day 3

Life feels really hectic here right now. I've had a few of moments where I wanted to press the escape button on this December Daily project. Choose more sleep instead of a family heirloom! I'm just not used to paperscrapping anymore I guess. I've relaxed a lot about the whole thing now, and the fact that I'm not able to stay up to date. And I am enjoying my pages as imperfect as they may be. So,without much further ado, here's Day 3:

I've since upgraded to a smaller on the outside, thicker on the inside file. It still needs to be spray painted etc.
Day Three tells the story of what December in South Africa feels like. Summer & swimming. I especially wanted to capture all the sparkle on the water. And I love that I got a photo of my youngest doing a "whale" with his pool noodle. I included some art that I downloaded for free one December from Wilna Furstenburg's blog ( she is origanally from South Africa). The Protea is our national flower, so I included it on my photo page on top of some sparkling paper. I again played a little with glitter glue and coloured pens on the printed images and journaling.

It is not very clear on the photo's, but the transparency had a strip of Worldmap printed on it. I placed a little blue blinker on the spot where we live.
And that was day three...

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