Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Daily | Day 5

The kids are daily unwrapping a book as a countdown to Christmas. I'll still create a page about that. But on Day Five they unwrapped a Thomas Tank Engine Letter writing kit. I asked Reuben (6) if he wanted to write a letter to Santa. He decided that he rather wanted to write us some letters. So with little help from me, he wrote me and his Dad the most wonderful letters. Then, as an added surprise, Liam (4) also volunteered to write us letters. I dotted out the words for him, and he patiently sat and traced over the dots. He did get a little tired halfway through, but that was a good enough keepsake for me!
I added text (Claire hand) onto the photo (using Microsofts digital editing program). The envelope I created using a transparent page. All their letters are placed in the envelope. I just measured it a little tight.
I photocopied Liams "letter" , cut out each word, and hand sewed it to the photo on the left before I adhered it to the cardstock. The idea was actually Ali inspired.
I was happy to find a nice train sticker in the kit with a number "Five" on it. The train border were also made with a stampset in the kit. I cut a star out of the photo on the right and added some glitter dotted paper underneath, allowing it to create a border on the other side.  Love day 5.

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