Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December Daily | Day One.

Hello December, and hello December Daily!

I decided rather last minute to do a paper December Daily this year (iso the Digital albums I've done for the last two years). Being a digital scrapper, I wasn't in touch with the scrapbooking industry in South Africa. So then followed a saga of first trying to get stuff on-line from Capetown, and there-after physically in Jo'burg.
I was amazed that there's apparently no big scrapbooking supplier in my half of the city. Things like printed transparancies and divided page protectors doesn't seem to be of much use for scrapbookers around here either. Rather essential if you're following an Ali DD!

Anyway.. long story short, this (picture above) is what my album looked liked as of 1 December. Pause and take a deep breath...Some stuff were found at a fabric shop, others at a large plastic shop...On top of that it was also basically impossible for me to do the on-line transaction to purchase the latest DD templates from Designer Digitals (I've never had that porblem before). In the end I had to adjust the square templates from last year to use for this year. I further realized that printing my photo's A4 size was just going to work out too expensive, so decided on a somewhat small album, each page being half an A4. A lot of perseverance and counting the cost alas!

That all said, my album is finally (still coverless) underway, and I'm really enjoying working with paper again. I love the freedom to apply things like glitterglue (loving glitter glue right now) and raised areas etc. right onto the page.

SO..Here is DAY ONE:

I'll probably have the file it's in cut down and sprayed silver or something (loving Wilna Furstenburg's album). I applied some glitter glue inside the "one". The photo printed much lighter than the one I originally printed on A4, so the "Hello December" title, in white, wasn't really visible. I went over the words with glitter glue. It doesn't really show up in the photo's, but looks quite nice in real life.

I apologise for the photo quality not being great. My DSLR's lense is too long to take close-ups, and I just used my smaller camera for these. Day one celebrates the fact that my husband started at a new company (on December 1st), and because of a much shorter traveling distance, and finishing earlier, has more family time. This is him relaxing at home at a time when he previously still would have been at work.

My album is far from perfect, but I'm already glad I joined in the fun and documenting!

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