Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Project Life| Nov 2011.

A very Happy New Year to all my readers, if there are any out there! Very exciting to see that someone I don't know from Europe is now reading my blog! May the year bring you good things!

Christmas & New Year was restful and quiet. We had a fish braai on the 1st, which is becoming a New Year's tradition for us. My Christmas present was a Becky Higgins' Turqoise Project Life kit and it has me so excited! Today, however, I just want to share the last of my PL 2011 pages:

Here is 21-27 November 2011:

This is actually two photo's that was merged to get the best expression on each of their faces.

Some highlights of this week is a photo I received e-mailed from Reuben's Leggo class. Ordering Project Life (the photo is from Becky's blog). And a Cookie exchange we had at Women's group. Oh, and the BIGGEST highlight was that my husband signed a new work contract. We were planning for next year in faith, but the contract was a big exhale for us. The bonus is that he now works SO close from home (5 min drive) and has Friday afternoons off! With the shorter drive and finishing earlier he also has about one and a half hours extra time with us on a daily basis. LOVE that!

Here is 28 Nov - 4 December 2011:

This photo sits on white paper, not visible on the white screen. The little bird is something I made at a Year- end craft session we had at Women's group. Thouroughly loved to craft with friends. I'm concidering adding some text to this page, will see before I have the album printed...

Once again on white paper. Some of the December Daily photo's re-appear here. That's ok, I don't think we'll ever sit and compare the two albums. Looks like I left out the day of the week on each photo here, will fix that.
Shall we take a look at PL: December at another time? I think so.

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