Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Project Life| Wrapping up December 2011

Hi, I'm already so into my BH paper Project Life for 2012. But I just want to share the last of last year's digital Project Life. Here is December's pages:
5-11December (on white paper):

I love it that we live in a neighbourhood that cares enough to actually have parents club in and organize a Santa Claus (our neighbour) to deliver gifts.

12 - 18 December 2011:

19-25 December 2011:

And finally 26 December 2011 - 1 January 2012:

The paper in the middle is from a pack called "Evidence" by Ali, available from Designer Digitals.
The photo on the left was taken by my 6 year old. I cropped it a bit and played with the colour, lightening & yellowing it and adding contrast. I quite like this effect.

That's it. Thanks for looking! Like everyone else who's fallen in love with Project Life, I can only try to express how much this album means to me. The weekly process and the end result. Looking back at my 2010 album, I would also say that it becomes even more precious over time. If you are not up to get the kit yet, and just want to see if you'll keep up with the photo taking, I can really recommend the digital route. My experience was that I often had to choose between photo's for the day instead of not having enough photo's, but that's just me! I just love how one start seeing/noticing things because of PL. How much more you are open to "cultivating a good life" (in the words of Becky Higgins) because you are recording it. And how good it feels to know that your memories are getting recorded. As long as you also make sure that you live those moments!

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