Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 46

Here is another catch-up post, Week 11 Nov - 17 Nov.

Highlights this week: Liam's school concert (he was the coolest superhero!), a full (Mo-Sa pm) week for Theunis on site (more of a lowlight), and we nearly burned out the poolpump (also not exactly a highlight) .. a pretty ordinary week.

 I included a pencil drawing by Liam, and a picture of a tank by Reuben. The "organic" circle was digitally cut from a PL card downloaded from Nisa Finn, and then added to the photo before printing.

The quote includes some words  of wisdom by my 6 year old: ''I know why God created angels.. because they can fit on earth. Otherwise He'd have to use a small tweezer ". The journaling cards on the right is a digital purchase from Nisa Finn. Some word art Ali also on this page. The photo's at the bottom was taken at the Emmarentia dogwalk.

Another update following tomorrow.

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  1. Your pages are wonderful. I like the way that your added a drawing from one of your boys. .

    Mary from NH