Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 47

Welcome to week 18 - 24 Nov. Part of a major blog catch-up over here.

A really special week for me as I got to spend a morning with my best varsity friends. We live all over, from Pretoria to Capetown, and are very rarely in one place. If it wasn't for my friend Hanri, whom I concider the glitterglue that keeps us all together, we wouldn't even see each other every so many years. She's the one organising our reunion get-togethers, but this was just a quick "kuier" as she happened to be in town. Catching up over breakfast at a coffee shop, laughter and tears, delicious French toast and a gift of the best rusks from "The rusk diva".
I also made some painted "ladies" inspired by the talented Kelly Rae Roberts. Liam had a hat day at school, and was very keen on the mafia hat. And then it was time to pack for our first holiday adventure... I hope to start posting our holiday catch-up posts from next week.

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