Saturday, 7 June 2014

Heartlight studio | Art Pendant

I'm still playing around with the Brass Pendants I shared about yesterday. This time I decided to use some art in my photo block... (scroll right down for a tutorial)
Some time ago I attended a mixed media workshop...
 And then got the book, Taking Flight, by Kelly Rae Roberts. I've made quite a few "ladies" since.
I'm most happy with my hands splattered in paint.
Well, playing with the pendants, I thought it might make nice gifts to translate the paintings into jewelry (if I don't keep them all). I photographed the ladies and put them into the frames.  Perhaps I can give the painting with the pendant? I'm also thinking about one or two displaying the kids art...
I also promised a quick tutorial:
To make up your pendant, you will firstly need a Pendant Kit, and a photo. The sizing of the photo might be the hardest part. If you have any photo editing skills, you can square crop your photo and then drag it onto another page sized to the size you'll be printing (measure the size of your other already printed photo's.) Then size your square photo (for the pendant) to 25x25mm. Save and print.
Once you have your little square photo cut out you can glue it inside the pendant. Leave it to dry for about an hour. Then apply some glue to the face of your photo, attach the glass, and leave to dry. The recommended glue is: Diamond Glaze or Pratley Glo. I tried some high quality Modge Podge and it came out a little streaky. Once dry you can string through your chain and it's ready to go.

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