Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Project Life | Week 13

Welcome to Week 24 - 30 March. One of those weeks where, had it not been for PL, I don't think I would have remembered much of...
This week: We realized the kids are so over the trampoline, so we got rid of it. It freed up space for them to invent all kinds of new games with trucks (that made a comeback) :: I told a story of R's bear making a postal services trip back home (after we forgot him on our visit to Durban) ::
and included a photo of the digital photo art Í made :: Also journaled about T's encounter with Elands at the Lodge he was staying at.
I actually didn't have that many photo's this week. For this I keep a Pending file of photo's that didn't fit into other weeks, photo's that can fit into any week of our lives really, like the Leggo one. A constant part of the story here :: I also took a photo of some kind comments by R's teacher on his school report. I usually file their report cards into PL. If I ever get around to making them their own school PL albums, these will just be transferred there ::  We had a chance to fit in a me&him movie date too this week (that I remember), and went to see Philomena. We both love anything Judy Dench :: Fun to include the cute school shoes tag for L's first pair. 
 PL is a memory keeping system by Becky Higgins. I'm using the Coral Edition.
Word art is from Ali Edwards. 

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