Thursday, 5 June 2014

Living with photo's | Brass pendant

Hello there! If you're new here, welcome! The first thing that you might notice about me (and if you've been here longer you might know), is that I love photo's! I'm taking almost daily photo's and documenting our story in Project Life. This year I am also intentional about getting more of them out of my computer and into my life.
Recently I ordered a kit pack of antique brass finish photo necklaces from overseas. It comes in a DIY kit, including an oval link chain, a glass tile and a square 25x25mm pendant. A beautiful way to hold on a bit longer to those moments.
I tried out a few photo's and love how both landscape and portraits look in there.
I even made one up putting words over a blurred image. Mmm, looks like I'm going to need a few of these.
But I do have some to spare! Yesterday I announced that I'm staring a little endeavour called Heartlight Studio where I plan to offer various photo oriented products, with some crafts thrown in. I'm making these pendants available as my first product. If you're interested please send me an e-mail at:
They can be ordered in single kit form, or in packs of 25. I can also make you a completed necklace with your photo in it. I'm shipping from Jo'burg, South Africa.
Hoping to share a quick tutorial on putting them together tomorrow.

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