Friday, 4 October 2013

Project Life | Week 37 & WITL

Welcome to Week 9-15 September 2013. This was of-course the week a lot of us participated in Ali's Week-in-the-Life project. I did blog on it during the actual week, posting the photo's day by day, but as mentioned, I only got on board on the Wednesday, finding it too inspiring to resist. Here's how it all came together in my Project Life album. (I didn't do a seperate album for WITL)

I again forgot to add the date before photographing the pages! WITL felt alphabet from Typo. Monday and Tuesday didn't really have a many photo's. (The day of the week digital art was a freebie from Design Editor, I think). The selftimer photo of me and Liam is a little blurry- defnitely place for those in my album too. As from Wednesday I added two "normal" photo's per day. The first double page lay-out goes to Friday, and the week-end continues on another spread..

And off-course I had a few more photo's to add. For this I used businesscard sheets that I was very fortunate to come across in the week I was photographing this project. (Locally available from the Plastic place in Lifestyle centre, Randburg) I added some Washi tape down the middle to fill the gap.

Wednesday continues on the back of the first insert...

...And on the right we have Thursday...

Thursday continued, and Friday... Those selftimer photo's with the kids are really the gift of this week's project for me. The photo's I don't usually think of taking.
(If you look reeeally closely you'll see I added a little tea tag here, and a little washi tape camera there...)

 I added some of Wednesday's photo's to Friday, as I had too much of the one and too little of the other. The dishwasher etc, things that haven't changed in three days.

 And that's the last page (week-end continues in a next post). Oh yes, I do like me some pink, even if my album is mostly about my boys.

The Katrina Kenison quote was found via Ali, I think. I had it written in my diary for some time, and it was just perfect for this week. It says: "It has taken me awhile, but I certainly do know it now- the most wonderful gift I finally learned to cherish above all else, was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days."

Yes, if documenting my life taught me nothing else, it certainly taught me how precious everyday life is.


  1. That looks great! I did a separate WITL project using Ali's digital templates but have not printed it yet.

  2. I love the cards you used for your week in the life and that they are all the same, it really lets your photos pop!

  3. Your week in the life is wonderful! The business card protectors work perfectly! What a great idea!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments Sue, Heather and Craftcherry!