Friday, 27 September 2013

Project Life | Week 36

Hello and welcome to Week 2 - 8 September.

This week has another insert, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be able to finish the year with just two albums...

Going into Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm planting salad leaves, working on a long neglected granny square blanket and doing the usual homework and mobilizing of kids.

I have already blogged about these photo's before. These are all of our week-end. A trip to the park (they love sliding down the slope)...

And with the middle page turned over: Another trip to another park, seeing spring everywhere.
Red space ship made by Liam in Woodwork class.

The photolab where I print accidentally printed the same week's photo's twice, so I felt confident enough to experiment a little (seeing that I'll have a spare photo if it doesn't work out). I used a cutting tool and handcut the Word-art freebie from Ali. I placed it over the other photo (but I guess it could work as well over white cardstock.) Love the extra dimension.

I also included a flip-up piece to hold two more photo's of Theunis and the boys.
That's my week. Sorry, keeping it short and sweet as the boys are home on school break and has to eat nearly every five minutes.

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  1. beautiful pages and i am intrigued by your granny circles/squares looks really pretty!