Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Project Life | Week 39

Hello and welcome to Week 23-29 September. The week of school break influenced a fun page playing with colour and circles. 

My use of colour is also to an extent dictated by the colourful Cobalt kit I'm using this year. And I think it goes well with the ages of my boys. I'm planning on using the Seafoam kit next year, and will see how that influences the photo's I go for...

 This page :: Top photo was entirely inspired by one I saw on Ali's blog some time ago :: We tried out a new frozen yogurt place - icecream on tap and add your own sprinkles = fun (the frame used was a freebie from somewhere) :: Braai in the neighbourhood & sparkles for the kids (we now have so many kids in the circle we live in) I digitally made a blank circle and added a day of the week sticker and handwritten journaling after printing. All the other circle Wordart is from Ali - AE Circle messages Vol 1&2 - and  available at Designer Digitals :: I'm not sure what they were doing with the dogbath and hosepipe , but they had a great time (and the pool got filled and garden watered) ...

On this page :: More water fun :: a collage of their games & crafts over the schoolbreak- temporary tattoo's are becoming a holiday tradition here, Reuben did a selfportrait with a transparency on a mirror (idea pinned here.) and made fridge magnets on printable magnet sheets (previously blogged here.). Theunis took the photo of Reuben and the dogs (he doesn't pick up the camera often, but when he does, it's usually great photo's) :: I took the one of the Tuscan looking building against the dramatic skies. Shot out of the car when we stopped at a robot (This is part of Montecasino, Jo'burg loves all things Tuscan) ...

The photo of the gift has a journaling card at the back. It tells a  story and a deeper story that links to it :: The photo of us was taken by my Mom who flew in on the Saturday. She wanted a bragbook photo of the four of us. I added the "us" in felt stickers and drew the rest by hand. 

 I photographed these photo's a while ago and have since added my Mom's boarding pass to the stripey card.

  I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative (Tuesday) and Simple as That (Saturday).

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  1. What a wonderful layout Alida. Love all the different aspects of your week that you've captured here.
    The photo of the four of you is beautiful and one to cherish. I wish my family had of taken more photos of all of us together when l was growing up.