Sunday, 3 November 2013



I've been absent from my regular blog posts lately. My home computer uses our landline to connect to the Internet. It appears that an underground cable for this landline have been affected by lightning and the people supposed to fix it is taking a very long time to get the job done.

I'm posting via laptop right now. It used to also be connected via the same source, but I've managed to get connected via a little Vodafone device. (Hear between the lines about two weeks of no Internet and a mission to get this other option sorted out.) As soon as I've figured out how to upload photo's via laptop, or they sort out our landline, I'll be back at blogging and catching up on Project Life posts. In the meantime I'm enjoying making huge progress with my backdated 2008 album.

Ps: Please note that I'm also not able to get into my Inbox right now. Please leave any messages on my blog. Thank you and take care..

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