Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 9

This was another week of work-travel for Theunis. This time for an entire week, and out of country to Namibia... I found this map on a great free map site. Here's the link on my Pinterest board. I added the plane from my digital stach, and hand-dotted the travel route.

On the left: Recording a breakfast date with a friend, how I love our home on mornings, Liam losing his first tooth (hand drawn arrow), Reuben who loves to get down to floor level to connect with our dogs, and some kid art.

On the right: I've included a half page insert, documenting a craft morning. I loved the Studio Calico card with see through panels that Ali used in her layout. So I did something similar by just hand-cutting a piece of cardboard.

Here's the insert turned over. Hope you can see the top photo's speech bubble recording the sound Liam makes while "driving" his car. The "dig you" was also a freebie that should be on my  Pinterest PL freebie board. I like how my morning at home juxtaposes next to Theunis' morning in Tsumeb. Not planned at all.

And the right hand side, with insert turned over: Again I like how my view at home sits next to Theunis' view at the plant in Namibia. I also recorded our Sunday school's puppet show training on Saturday, Theuinis' travel back, by car & plane (love that he did a very creative mirror shot ) , and a favourite TV show right now.

The full page. Visually quite a busy week. Quite a busy week full stop, actually.

And the full page with insert turned over. The card far right records some of the week's challenges, such as a power cut on Saturday night, and my rather sleepless night, when I discovered my cellphone's also dead. And then having to be up early the next morning to give Sunday school to a very lively group of 2-10 year olds. Life right now. The cool arrows on the right hand photo's were also freebies.

You can learn more about Project Life on Becky's Blog.
I'm using her Cobalt kit.


  1. It's the first time I'm visiting your blog. I found your link over at The Mom Creative. I love how you do PL - and your house looks so cozy. I love that you have included the fall leaf. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Charlotte in Denmark

  2. Wow, a visitor from Denmark! Why thank-you Charlotte for your kind comments. You are most welcome to visit again!