Friday, 1 March 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 6

 February's been tough on me. More than what would be obvious in these pages. But that is also what Project Life does, it makes us see how blessed we really are, how much we have to be thankful for. And as long as I refuse to feel the victim, and remember that I am Blessed and loved and that my identity is in God, I am in a very good place.

Here is the left page. The orange text on my selfportrait moment turned out way too bright, so I toned it down by adding some vellum over. If you look closely you'll see some Ali inspiration on my wall. The quote is from the internet. The photo of my boys paging through our PL album is actually the back of last week photo. I initially printed two photo's next to each other but then decided to fold the photo's in half and view them back to back.

This insert was also inspired by Ali's. I was quite thrilled to see that I already had this Cathy Zielske template (from Designer Digitals) in my digital collection. So fun to ask him these questions and smile at the answers.

At the back I added my first list inspired by 52 Lists (found via - you guessed it, Ali). It was awesome to see myself reflected back in these words that touch my soul. The arrows are stickers from the Cobalt kit.

The top photo is of a table top that I did a mosaic on (blogged previously). I initially wrote on the photo, but realized the background is too busy. No problem. I cut out the boo-boo, (traced the shape with a journaling card), and the inserted vellum at the back, and wrote on there. All the cards here are from the Cobalt kit. Really funny to see a "sea" photo in there. (It was taken at the artificial beach at Sun City). We live inland, and far from the sea. My body knows it hasn't been anywhere near the real ocean for some time! (I'm originally a coastal girl - so I know the difference too well.)
The journaling on the blue wave card has been inspired by Today's Letters, such a cool blog!
And so proud of my 5 year old's name practice!

The top right-hand photo flips open to show two more photo's from our trip to Sun City.

And that is the full spread. To be honest, I struggled to get this spread to a place where I am (more or less) happy with it, but I know that I love this project and will love the album as a whole.

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