Monday, 25 March 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 10

Week 10! Wow... This was another out of country travel week for Theunis. Back to Namibia to finish commissioning a plant. And this week we kind of got used to it. A fairly easy week except that the gate's remote wouldn't work one of the days. And that just as the kids got dropped off from school. They both very bravely, and with-out much hesitation, climbed over the gate. (It is higher that my head). So proud of them!
This did mean phonecalls to Namibia, a search for the gate-motor-box's keys, trying out a bunch of keys, to no avail etc etc... to finally get it fixed. One of those perfectly bad timing scenarios. But I'm sure you'd rather look at my pages...

Monday documents Theunis going in to work late (after arriving from Namibia the night before) for a bit of me & him time in the morning. The season's end of our favourite tv show at the moment. The gate story journaled. Something Reuben painted in art class (love), and Theunis being off on a plane all too soon again. I actually like that he cut off half the plane - sort of captures the feeling of blink and he's gone.

I managed to get some crafting done this week. Very happy to finally finish a granny square cushion that's been in different stages of completion for months now! I also tried out a Pinterest Project nl. a yarn and glue bowl. This was a lot of fun, except that the dogs chewed apart my first attempts (good thing it wasn't homework). It now sits on Liam's bookcase holding all sorts of bits that a boy finds neccesary to keep.

The speech-bubble freebie can be found here.  The "Quote of the week" card was also a freebie, but I can't seem to find a link anywhere, sorry!

The shadow portrait of Reuben and his watergun was inspired by this blog post by Katrina Kenison. I found her via Ali when she blogged on Katrina here. The shadow photo on Katrina's blog, her comment that it was taken some years ago, and how she longs for those days past, just made me realise that I am living it right now. My life might not be perfect, but I am very blessed to be right here right now, with my boys at this age. And we will not pass this way again... (I also included a quote by Katrina). Isn't that also why we do Project Life? To catch all those in the now moments, and hold onto them for longer...

The spread. Love that on-site self portrait by my hubby. (Namibia was tough.)

And then below the kit card I've included some journaling done by Reuben on a school outing to an animal farm. He had no help with the spelling :) Love how he translated "Wag-'n-bietjie" farm.

Loving this Project!
And wishing that I was living in America today as Project Life (and one of my favourite kits,  the Jade Edition), goes on HSN for an amazing price. Sigh!

Read more on Project Life on Becky's blog.
I'm using her Cobalt kit.


  1. Great layout. I LOVE that painting. Such a wonderful thing to include.

    1. Thanks so much Cerise. It was done by my 8 year old (the painting not the lay-out hehe). I just stuck it on the fridge and photographed it iso scanning it.

  2. HI! I found your blog via The Mom Creative. I love your PL pages! I host a Project Life Blog Hop each Saturday on my blog and I was wondering if you would like to be featured on a future blog hop? You can check out past blog hops here:
    Please contact me if you are interested and I will give you more details. Thanks!

    1. Why thanks Michelle. I'd love to! (And apologies for the late reply.A busy Easter time with family and then some computer problems!). I'll send you an e-mail on your blog.