Monday, 27 May 2013

Project Life :: Last Page & Cover Page.

And so I've come to the end of Volume One for 2013. I'll be dividing the year into 3 parts of four months each. (Like many other people). The first one can probably take another month. If I find Volume Two taking up a lot of space, I might move May into the first album, but for now I'm ending Volume One here.

This page might just be my favourite one in this album. Perhaps because I finally achieved enough white space to my liking! And I love that photo. We took it one morning while going out for breakfast (just the two of us). The "story continues" card was one I made myself, inspired by the one in the Seafoam kit. I will still own that kit. The rest is all Cobalt kit apart from the printed vellum.

And perhaps because I like Encores and Second helpings, I also like adding random bits at the end of the album. Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else but should be included.  Here I added some of Liam's number practice..

...a list of things that had to go to Liam's party, a drawing by Liam, and some School photo's. More class photo's of Reuben at the back.
I found the little Africa amongst my stash, I think it came from some sort of packiging at some stage.

I got a black leather Chiswick album for Volume Two. Love the quality. The "Twosons" doesn't actually appear on the photo, I just felt that I should add it on the blog. Hello card was a freebie. Map was cut from scrapbooking paper. The tag was a digital one that I printed, stamped on the heart and added letter stickers to. I don't feel the need to have my cover pages look similar, or even to have the whole family on 2nd and 3rd volume covers. I think I going to love this volume...

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  1. Love it! At this stage I am not even half into my first nice and big album - thinking I may do two volumes a year.

    1. I'm also hoping that maaybe I can fit this year into two albums. Will see how it goes, last year needed three.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from The Mom Creative. Very nice pages! I love that you added all the "extras" at the end of the album. :)

    1. Hi Jenny, welcome to my blog, and thanks for saying hello!