Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Project Life :: Week 16

Hello and welcome to week 16! A special and warm welcome to every-one new to my blog/ hopping over from Michelle's Saturday Blog hop. It's an honour to participate on National Scrapbooking Day, and her Birthday. Happy Birthday Michelle and thanks for inviting me.

It was pretty much Everyday stuff down here at the tip of Africa. Except that I was asked to host our Women's group at my house. I just kept hearing of more and more people coming, and telling myself to stay calm :) It was actually wonderful to have my house filled with these special women, almost felt like my Birthday! I also had to prepare something to share from the Word, and just shared what was on my heart. It was fun and relaxed. Later the day, while Reuben was at artclass, we stopped at the nursery. Trend right now are green walls. I love our white breakfast bowls. We all love noodles (but not for breakfast hehe).
The adorable "Today" card is a freebie found here. 

This week I also joined a new crocheting circle. I learned to crochet last year, (and realized that crocheting can be hip and modern). I haven't done much over the summer, but I'm back!... Friday Liam and I attended the Open Day for next year's Grade Ones. The rest of the rainy day it was compulsive crocheting for me, finishing Liam's beanie (pictured) and two more in the process... More rain on Saturday - unusual in Joburg to go to sleep to the sound of heavy rain (amplified by our tin roof), and heavy rain still when we woke up. Thankful for Leggo... Sunday after church we went to buy the stuff for Liam's Birthday party and made another stop at Woolworths (last photo)... Oh, and this week also marked 15 years since our engagement. The journaling (on the Ampersand freebie that I can't find anywhere now, sorry) says: "Fifteen years ago: Me & him at a waterfall. He asked. And I said "yes"." I stamped the "15" onto the photo by applying white ink (from a white pen i.e. just scribble onto the stamping area) onto stamps & stamping with it.

And that's the week. 
And because my PL sits open on my desk next to my computer, I sometimes make impulsive changes.
This week I added some words with a white pen ( I use Hybrid Gel's Milky Grip K118). This was done after this blogpost was drafted:

Because I do love this project!

 Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. As always love your pages - love the white ink you added. Good luck with grade 1 - I tell you, it's a huge leap ahead. You will not believe how much they grow and change in that first month of grade 1.

  2. Thanks Cat :) Yes, he's grown so much from RR to R. And I'm very grateful that Grade One will be just across the fence from pre-school, so not too daunting(and older brother will be there too). But I don't know if I'm ready to see my youngest in school uniform. Hopefully by next year I will be.

  3. Great pages & love the beany hat, so cute. Love how you've stamped & written on the camera photo with the white pen. My youngest is about to start Secondary school in September, daunting times! x

    1. Thanks Lindsay. Liam also loves his hat:) Youngest's milestones are daunting in a different way from eldest's, as they are the last time you're doing something. But we're all fine in the end :) (Glad I have till next year January before mine starts school.)

  4. A really nice layout Alida. Really liked how you journaled on your photos – you’ve got such lovely handwriting

    1. Thanks Chrisy! Who would have thought that would come in handy in our computer age :)

  5. Great page and love how you have journaled and stamped on the photos