Thursday, 30 May 2013

Project Life:: Week 19

Catching up on Project Life. And I really love this week...

I once again added a half page insert. Ideally I wouldn't want to, but it seem no picture gets left behind when I do PL. I don't always take photo's of everything, but once I have, and like them, it's hard for me to leave photo's out. But I know the bigger picture is that I don't want my album too busy. I learned that from last year's album. Working towards an insert free page for this current week. Hold your thumbs!

So to recap:: A Facebook picture of my brother outside of the PieterMaritzburgh High Court the day he was admitted as advocate. A photo of Liam through his bay window (I just add the "Twosons" over when my instict tells me to). A story about us negotiating new routines with my husband studying part time, and how we now make quality time for each other. Some birthday cupcakes for school. (I got the idea of adding letter stickers onto photo's from my favourite blogger/ Project Life'r, Ali Edwards.) ...And Liam getting a stay-at-home day. Loved listening to him play with his cars, and all the sound-effects that came with it.

This page:: Trying Cherry infused Chai tea (nice) at a ladies breakfast. A journaling card I made..(Psst: surprise at the bottom of this post). More breakfast photo's...

Turn the insert over... and on the left there's photo's of Liam's Pre-school's Mother's-day picnic. And the sweet gift each Mom received. It came in an illustrated brownpaper packet that I cut up and added here. The photo looking like a magazine-cover is a small copy of a cover I did for Reuben's school project where they had to make a Health Magazine. I got the photo on Pinterest and added text to it. I also captured some Autumn splendour in our neighbourhood.
The card in the corner I made by digitally adding a camera freebie to a white card, and then adding text. It journals about the photo's I didn't take over the week-end.

I obtained the translucent look here by cutting a journaling card out of a left over piece of page protector (after I cut it in half for the insert). Added some letterstickers to it. It wasn't standing out enough so I also used black pen around it. Not as neat as I wanted it, but an idea I'll try again.

And just to say thank-you for stopping by, you can download these journaling cards for personel use. Just print as a photo and cut to fit your pocket sleeve.
Edited:: To download hold the mouse over the photo, right click and select "save picture as".  It should then be saved in your "My Pictures" folder. Hope it works!


  1. Oh I love the pretty soft colours of your layout - it gives the idea of a very relaxed and peaceful week. Love the transparent mothersday card.

    DO I miss a link to download the cards? Thanks they are lovely

    1. You're absolutely right, Cat, a calm week compared to the ones preceding it! Sorry, I should have mentioned: Just right click and save the photo as a picture & then print it as a photo. Hope that helps!

  2. Love this week of yours, and especially the transparent card. Must give that a try myself.

    thanks for the inspiration!