Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Project Life | Week 17 (and a freebie)

Hello and welcome! Anyone remember the A-team on tv and old Hanibal saying : "I love it when a plan comes together"? Well I had that feeling with this week. Not that it was so much planned, but I loved how the colours just came together for me.

This week:- Catching up on washing after the rains (we usually don't need a tumble dryer in sunny Joburg, so I never replaced mine when it broke. I'm also blessed with domestic help, who, you know, helps, but this Monday I was up and down the garden path hanging 4 loads of washing).

I also had to get the K53 down in very little time. Yes, that is a somewhat embarrasing fact about me right now. I'm one of those late bloomers when it comes to getting my driver's licence. And I feel the need to explain. I can probably say that it had blessings - that most of my life it has just worked out that I don't need one.  It gave me contentment to be at home, being more productive at home, doing a lot of things together when we do go out. Living on an easy bus route before etc etc. I've made not-very-focussed attempts before (think learning to drive with a baby in the car). Postphoned a lot...But the time has come to do this now! I ended up reading through the K53 twice (felt very creative while I was supposed to study!) The test was computerized, and quite easy. And I was not the only girl of my age there, no, there was probably two more. And I got it! I got my learners, now it's getting the Drivers!
The "I really need to do this" freebie is from here.
Other news was that Liam lost another tooth and Reuben brought home a really hillarius family drawing.

You can actually see it better here. Then - (on a half page insert) some photo's that my husband kindly took of his weekly day-trip to Mpumalanga (4 hrs there, 4 hrs back). Reuben showing off his yellow shirt: Kids who work hard and earn enough points (for volunteering, honesty etc) earn the right to wear these bright yellow shirts on selected days. He did a lot of extra reading and handed in money found on the playground to earn the right to wear his shirt. He was so excited to finally get it. The speechbubble can be downloaded as a freebie at the bottom of this post.
Here we have the insert turned over: Liam that went on a late afternoon visit to Theunis' work (at least his office is only 5 min drive from home), some Autumn splendour outside our window, and a nice site drawing I found amongst the scrap paper that came home from T's work.

And the last page contains some photo's of Reuben's Igloo project (more blogged here.) The lined card was made from a piece of white cardstock where I added some grey crayon lines. The "Hello" card was a freebie. Supposed to be somewhere on my Pinterest board. Sorry I can't find it now.(Edited: Ok found it - it was a freebie from Digital Design Essentials because I receive their newslwetter. You can sign up here.) I added the photo of Liam peeking through a tree they made in Sunday school.

I love this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Now for FREEBIE time! The speach bubble is a card I made myself, and you can download it for personal use! (Not sure why the colours are so very different - it is the exact one I printed.) Just right click, "Save the picture as" and print as a photo. Cut them out using a PL card as template. (It's the first time I'm doing a freebie, so let me know if it works out ok or not.)

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.

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  1. I love your pictures this week. They are such a creative snapshot of this moment on your lives. Good for you, getting your drivers license, no matter how old you are! I especially love the site insert. My hubby works on a site like that, so I must get around to including some pictures in our album (he has to take some first!).