Monday, 20 May 2013

Slow Week-End | Busy Hands

Since arriving in Joburg almost three years ago, we did a lot of exploring and out & about-ing. But we are getting to a place where our week-ends are changing. We are preferring them slower, more restful, and yet more productive. I think the inspiration originated years ago from a blog I used to visit from time to time. Soulemama makes living as a creative family so appealing. I love & own her book Creative Family. While my life doesn't look nearly as handmade & homegrown as hers, I've come to value the joy of making some things myself (I just love those things more), and letting my kids in on these experiences as well (they have always been eager participants).  This was one of those week-ends for us. And what did our hands find to do?
My hands finished a crocheted wolf beanie. I found the inspiration here, but instead of buying the pattern, I just "Gung-ho'd" my way through it. Reuben is very happy with his hat!

Dad's hands  picked some lemons from the tree and we all made lemonade together.

Dad also washed the dogs. Not sure how much little hands helped.

I made a batch of Oats cookies.

The boys re-discovered a book on paperplanes, tried various prototypes and went to fly them in the circle.

Six year old hands tried out Looming. Our favourite project for this week-end.

Eight year old especially loved it. (I'll write more about it once our project is finished).

And last but not least we taught them Charades, which created a lot of laughter around here!
A happy creative week-end.

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