Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Project Life | Week 28b

Hello and welcome to the second spread for Week 28. As mentioned this was the week my husband turned 40, and we also had a trip to the zoo, so there was no way to do justice to the photo's in one spread.

On Saturday morning Theunis had a Men's Breakfast to Celebrate his Birthday. He's very unassuming and didn't want a big party, but really enjoyed the time with the men. The photo's was taken by one of the guests, Delmaine, who happens to be a professional photographer. So grateful for the great job he did.
I on the other hand, had a difficult time getting this page to work. It defnitely didn't help that the restuarant for some insane reason, decided to use pink on the table (something my husband never noticed, and apparently none of the other men either). I tried to tone it down with neutrals. I used a freebie Happy Birthday card, but ended up cutting it up and sticking the inner and outer circle onto some kit paper. I also added the file divider with kit paper stuck onto it to visually seperate the two pages. I used the outer circle of the freebie card on a grid card cut into a circle for a journaling patch. The grey card has a pull out card (I cut a little section out for the card to show) and it has some journaling about the day on it.

  The right hand page documents our first trip to Pretoria Zoo (on the same week-end). Zoo photo's can get pretty crazy busy, but I tried to still include enough space in the photo's. I love the bright pink wall there though. I just made the journaling card that says "Pta Zoo" and added some footprint fonts.
The first vertical card pulls out and opens up to tell about our trip and how we took the cable car, and loved the aquarium.

Some weeks you really have to work harder for the pages to get to a happy place. Still love this project.

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  1. I think you did really well - regardless of the pink serviettes. Love the Pretoria Zoo!

    1. Thank you, it really was a curve ball! Yes, we especially loved the aquarium.