Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Week-end Lens :: Hartebeespoort Dam.

This past week-end we took a drive out to Hartbeespoort Dam. The initial idea was to visit a venue that was the film set for a movie set in the 50's, called Pretville. When we arrived there after our =/- 45 min drive we found that it was closed for a wedding. No mention on the website or even at the beginning of the dirt road there. Not cool.

So we decided to drive around the Hartbeespoort Dam, and discovered Schoeman's Oewer Club. We liked what we saw, and went to buy some KFC (as we didn't pack anything lunch.)

Being there we again realized what we missed moving from Durban to Jo'burg : We miss water, we miss birdlife, we miss lush vegetation, green. We even miss overcast days sometimes. We miss the outdoor life we used to know in KZN. Happy to find a bit of it here.

Of course, there's a lot of things we love about JHB, but that's another story. This day was about feeding that corner of our souls that loves the barefoot life.

And the sunflare moments... They really couldn't get enough of throwing rocks into the water. Dad's quite a pro, making them hop several times with each throw.

 We also got some wood and made a little fire especially to toast some Marshmallows.

(Word Art is from Ali, at Designer Digitals) We ate far too many of those.

Love the freedom they had here.

It was a great day, and a wonderful escape.


  1. That looks wonderful! Have a look at my last post - Pilansberg is about and hour and a half's drive and it's Big Five country- you can even do it for a day but we do a quick camp over now and again. It does feed the soul

    1. Sounds great Cat, any place you'd recommend?