Friday, 9 August 2013

Project Life | Week 29

Hello and welcome to week 29. This was Back to School week here.

But the main feature of the first page was not focused on that. It actually tells the story of me and a friend going on a pasta making course at a nearby coffeeshop. A lot of fun. And the pasta tasted great!
(Bonus was that I met another SA lady who was going to start doing PL. Sadly I didn't take her details.)
Like the previous week, I again struggled a bit to make the page work. I ended up cutting a date card from the kit paper as it was a more neutral option than the cards I had left. I think adding the block of red colour stragely calmed the busy page for me. It was a kit card to which I added a lined card cut to size.

I added the white page to separate the two lay-outs because this side is focused on one story. And I also loved including Liam's name practice, the "P's" all turned around.

On this side I included a photo from the first day of school for the new term. Then some of the 50 flowers I crocheted for an upcoming Women's camp. Quite a job, but I was amazed how I got into the swing of crocheting on a regular basis. Hoping to keep on crocheting on a regular basis now. (Btw. the pattern was found on Pinterest on my Crocheting board). A spontaneous photo of cars found in my bed (one of those "the kids were here" moments). Some photo's of a Baby Blessing I attended. The little darling was born prem at 33 weeks and 1.1kg, but with a lot of prayer doing great. I crocheted a little hat for her and couldn't believe it fitted.

And that's the whole page. The back insert has a skateboard picture by Liam in it. I enjoyed adding typed text directly onto the photo's this week. There are so many great free fonts out there. But I also added some dimension to the pages with some stick on labels (the "introduction" and "It happened" labels were old ones I had on hand.) The "yum" sticker was handwritten on a blank label that came with the page dividers. "Love you" was free word art from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals (she weekly gives away about 3 free items in her challenges). I re-coloured it red in Photoshop. 

As always, I'll link up at The Mom Creative on Thursday.


  1. Really beautiful layout. I love how you used the writing insert to break up the pages. Worked out well!

  2. Lovely as usual Alida! And homemade pasta is the very best. Absolutely adore the cars in the bed picture