Monday, 16 September 2013

Week in the Life | Saturday

It is Saturday & we have a little trip planned. We drive about 1.5 hrs, out of town...

..and out of Gauteng into the Freestate, all the way to Parys. Parys is a little tourist town with mostly antique and art shops. In Afrikaans it is pronounced the same as Paris, France, so you always specify, "Parys, Vrystaat." But it's a bit of a joke mostly, because the two can't be confused. It was our first visit.

We parked on one end of a street and browsed from shop to shop.

We see a lot of Handmade things..

Poppies everywhere..

 Enamelware. I buy some plates to put on a outside wall.
Art galleries...

A vintage shop in the attic...

Lots to love...

And see...
Hang in there, lots of photo's...

This was my favourite art gallery. It even had work of one of my favourite artists, Hildegard.

A stop for lunch at a place called Feast. One of those places that just did everything right.

He is so great with photo's these days.

And on again, more shops to browse...

Sights to see, like a horsecart through town..

More vintage stores...

A reminder of  how some of our pioneering fore-fathers got here. And old Oxwagon.
(My Mom's family was from the area).

Lush new leaves on the Acorn trees and the peaceful sound of turtle doves.

The highlight for the boys: an old fashioned sweet store.

And then, by late afternoon we were tired and ready to head back to our sleep-over destination..

Maccauvlei on Vaal (more about it tomorrow)

A stroll around the Golf course (it was very quiet).

These trees reminded me of one of our favourite books, the classic Winnie the Pooh stories.

The evening we had the diningroom all to ourselves. As we waited for the (really great) food, I so loved just sitting with the boys, listening to their jokes and stories. A new phase coming where they will really be contributors to the conversation, on many dining together experiences to come, I hope.

Not our ordinary Saturday in the Life. But a really great get-away.

(Please do not use any of these photo's with-out my permission.)

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