Friday, 5 April 2013

Project Life :: Week 11A

Hello, and welcome! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Our's was filled with family visiting from afar. So good, and one of the reasons I haven't posted PL pages for a while.

Week 11A:: It was one of those weeks where I just had too many photo's that I loved, so I decided to just do two spreads. And the first one has an insert! No rules, right?  Here is the first spread:

As you can see I was in a bit of a monochromatic and yellow mood. It was probably more subconcious, but came out quite obvious on the page. I think it still fits within my style and it was fun to do something a little different.
For a closer look at the left side:

An overcast Monday morning spent with my just-back-from-Namibia man. Eating yummie Hazelnut ganache croissants. And a bunch of hilarious selfportraits I found on Reuben's camera. In case you wonder, there's nothing wrong with the kids, some photo's just had fisheye effect applied to (on camera by them). Hehe.
"Hello", arrow and heart cards are freebies found here.

The right side has a half-page insert. We have: Liam's art. Just realized I need to include a little story that goes with it (about him being so worried- as a pre-schooler- when he realized after bedtime that the half completed project that came home in his pocket, was missing).  Some post-library-visit excitement. A dowloaded image from the movie Ruby Sparks (loved it). And a very special photo of my three reading together. The arrow card is actually seen through an empty pocket with the white circle (cut from a kit card) attached to both sides of the plastic pocket.

Then the left with the other side of the insert. Here you see the carboard card through the plastic.
Photo details include my computer room where I'm typing right now; a me&him moment; and a little story of our puppy getting stuck in our burgular guard (written directly onto the photo).

 I afterwards added a little reddish arrow cut from digital supplies I've printed out at one stage.

And the right side, insert turned over.  

Here I also afterwards added some arrows cut from the same digital printout.

And the spread, insert turned over.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll have the second part of Week 11 up soon.

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