Monday, 15 April 2013

Project Life :: Week 13(a).

Welcome to Week 13, which will again be delivered in two intallments...
This week we celebrated the long Easter week-end with a family visit.
But lets first look at the first half of the week...
A few glasses of freshly made orange, carrot and celery juice to document the fact the we now have a juicer and love making our own interesting juice. A Zoe moment, a Reuben commment, and kid's play over the school holidays at home. The date card (where I stapled the "to" line for fun), and doodled card is from the Cobalt kit, but I digged into the Clementine kit (which I'm using to slowly work on a backdated album for 2008) for the other cards. This week I was also in the mood for tabs to sit on top of photo's and cards, so I printed out some of my digital supplies and stapled or pinned them on.

This page had a half-page insert. I used a fabric clothing marker tab for a page turner. 
Hello card was a freebie. I couldn't find the link anywhere now. (This sometimes happens when I downloaded it a while ago and already saved it amongst my digital files. So sorry, but you are welcome to have a look around my PL freebie board on Pinterest.) The "yumm" was added with a white pen.

This page documents the arrival, on Friday, of my brother, SIL, Mom and little niece, who drove up from Durban. (We are originally from there before we moved to Jhb almost three years ago.) I had so many plans to do for Easter, but didn't get around to many. I did enjoy printing these cute free bunnies that I found here on Pinterest.  (And filling them with chocolate eggs). The "cake" is a Jamie Oliver Christmas Bombe (basically a bowl lined with sponge cake and the icecream added inside ( mix in all kinds of treats like nougat etc). Once frozen, turn out, pour melted chocolate over and decorate with sparklers etc..)

The dotted card is also from the Clementine kit.

Insert turned over. On the "So funny" photo I added text to the photo before printing it and then added the rest by hand afterwards. These two cousins really get on like a house on fire. I enjoyed adding Protea's (love them and they'e our national flower) to our Easter bunch. The "8" is another freebie that I unfortunately can't find the link for...

The egg is cut from a banner Chanel (my brother's daughter) made for us. She loves crafting almost as much as I do! Love seeing my brother so happy. A bit of their story:: His wife is from Cuba, and they met while she was working in South Africa as an architext (towards the end of her time here). She had to return to Cuba, and overcome a number of obstacles (think lots of red tape, and buying plane tickets twice, because when - on her initial trip back here- arriving in a connecting country, her yellow fever certificate was in the wrong language etc etc. ), but their love prevailed and she made it back and they arranged their wedding in a matter of days (as her visum almost expired with all the delays). Anyway, that was almost a year and a half ago and they are so happily married now, and perfect for each other, really.

I downloaded the "Easter Blessings" word-art from Ali's blog. The plan was to use it with the background, but the colour didn't go with my page so I handcut it to just show the words.

And there's the spread with insert turned over. Thankful for a blessed Easter time with family!
I'll post the second part soon.

If you'd like to learn more about Project Life, you can visit Becky's Blog.

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.


  1. Very nice layout, Alida! Your pictures are all so vibrant. The story of your brother & sister-in-law is so sweet.

    1. Thanks Jody, its always nice to receive a kind comment. (Ps: I actually forgot to mention that the whole return to South Africa bit took her over a year.)

  2. Great fun and colorful! I cannot believe you hand cut Ali's "Easter Blessing"...that looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Sara:) Cutting machines cost the price of a small African country around here, so hand-cut is the way to go.

  3. Great pages! You have some really awesome photos in there! I love the Easter egg cutout, it's so sweet :)

    1. Thank you Fiona! I found the Easter egg banner here:, and my little niece cut them out for us.