Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Project Life :: Week 14

Welcome to week 14. That would be the week my Mom and little niece spent with us, and the kids were at home for another week of school holidays. And Easter Monday. I just couldn't resist the "Keep Calm" spoof. (Freebie hopefully somewhere here.) Very much the theme this week. With all the indoor weather and cabin fever we had, keeping calm was at the top of my list. Taking photo's strangely wasn't really. Too focused on making big meals, crafting with the kids, spending time with my Mom, etc.. But I did manage to get a few photo's that captures the week.

 Monday we went to the Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens. We discovered a man blowing huge bubbles- much to the kids entertainment. I have tried to make our own giant bubble maker before, but to no success. He apparently experimented for years to get the formulation right. (Difficult in South Africa where one doesn't have access to all the stuff in recipies online). The afternoon my Mom paid a visit to other family in Jhb, and we had friends join us for the neighbourhood's annual Egg hunt. The drawings were spontaneously done by Chanel (my niece). I journaled around about getting to know her a bit better, and that I love how creative she is. Craft time the kids made some beaded keyrings (SA readers : I found them for R25 for a packet of 3 at Jasmyn, near Harties, well worth the busy time the kids get out of it). We also went to see The Croods in 3D. I googled "Christian movie krits" and found a nice review blog (didn't keep the link, but there are a number of good ones that tells you if a movie's ok to watch.) Croods were pretty harmless and entertaining.

On Thursday we desperately set out in the cold to play Putt-Putt. It turned into a great (and much sunnier) day. After Putt-Putt we went to Brightwater Commons for some shopping and treats at the Spur. Friday another quick shopping trip and a stop at Pappachino's for play and cake (and taking out my jeans for the first time this year.).

And Saturday it was time for another goodbye. We took my Mom and Chanel to the airport. She was very excited about her girly outfit and flying for the first time. Loved having them here.
I enjoyed (inspired by the monthly kit users) adding some sequins here and there. And that was week 14.

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.

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PS: Great news for "international" Project Life'rs (ie not living in the USA) , Scrapbookers Innercircle is having a lot of PL give-aways on their blog over the next couple of days.


  1. I love how your week has all the things I love about PL included: kid's drawing, memorabilia from seeing the movie, super cute filler card, etc. Good for you, including some sequins. I've yet to try that!

  2. Love the Keep Calm filler card! I think I need to scale down on photos and do more other things. Lov ethat drawing too- precious

  3. Thanks Katie and Cat! I usually find it hard to give up photo space for memorabalia, but when I look back at my pages I'm happy I included these bits of life. You're inspiring me to look out for it more.