Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Project Life | Week 41

Welcome to Week 7 - 13 October. And yep, he's holding a cloud.

This was the 2nd week of my Mom's visit...

My husband is in the commissioning phase of his two year project and away on site a lot. The photo of him at the bakkie is me saying goodbye to him for another weeklong site visit (gratefully it ended up being less than that). Feels like I'm saying goodbye to him all the time (although there are as many hello's as goodbyes if you think about it :-) :: Celebrating a Birthday in our Women's group :: Kids taking turns to sleep in my bed when Dad's away - that stopped because they're not very concientious co-sleepers :: I recently picked up a few wooden embellishments, mostly for December, but couldn't resist adding the star here.

Really appreciated how my Mom connected with the kids, getting involved with homework and games :: Mall and lunch outing for me & my Mom :: evening out for me and DH :: a trip out to a creative place where the kids made sand art :: and my turn at Sunday school. We talked about rain in our story so I made them a big cloud, which they loved. If you, for whatever reason, also want to know how to make a cloud, you can find the Pinterest link: here. It was actually surprisingly easy.
Wordart is from Ali, picked up at the Designer Digital's quaterly sale.

And that's Week 41, pretty straightforward.

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