Friday, 15 November 2013

Project Life | Week 42

Hello and welcome to week 14 - 20 October. Catching up on posting PL spreads this week.

This was the last week of my Mom's visit... I love all the creams here (though not my favourite colour).
I couldn't find a datecard that quite went with the page, so made one from the (Cobalt) kit cardstock.

My Mom did a lot of knitting (for charity and also made the boys some beanies). Theunis was away on site again for a couple of days. We tried to Skype in this time, but the reception was so bad that we had to Skype & phone! I loved us dropping the kids off at school while he was away, and journaled a bit about our drop-off routine. I was so glad that he could be back for Reuben's Chess Prize night. His team got a Bronze in the regional trials, and the school did very well overall.

The highlight of the week was a daytrip for my Mom and I to Dullstroom (Theunis dropped us off on his 2nd trip to site that week). For those not too familiar with South Africa: It's a little tourist town known for charming shops and flyfishing is big in the area. Some of the things I loved: The chocolatier, the year round Christmas store, the Polly Potter Toy store, all the fresh country air, the charming old houses with rambling gardens, me and my Mom on a little adventure, the porcelain art, the craft shop (of course), and eating deluxe pancakes at Harries Pancakes. Oh, and the Tsonga shoe shop. It is an empowerment project for rural women and there were beautiful large photographs on the walls of some of the women contributing to the project.  

I added a flip-open pocket for a few more Dullstroom photo's.

Other things recorded this week :: Eating rusks with my Mom (in our PJ's) on slower mornings. It's a little tradition- I always make rusks for when she visits. I found the sparkly circle in my beadstash and thought it perfect to record us going to see the Diana movie (so much a Mom & daughter outing). For Saturday I liked this foot photo instead of a busy picture of the party the kids attended. And Sunday we were saying goodbye again. We really prefer the smaller Lanseria airport to the busier OR Tambo. Great to have a choice!

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative on Tuesday.

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