Thursday, 21 November 2013

Project Life | Week 44

Hello and welcome to Week 28 October - 3 November.

This week I really felt it was time for a large photo... and I wanted to include some of the pirate maps Liam has been drawing a lot of.

But first the left side :: I think its the first time this year that I managed to use that specific date card :: Our new diningroom table and the story that goes with it :: A summary of the week. The journaling cards were freebies from Nisa Finn, I think :: I managed to get good photo's of both the pets this week, Zoe is usually very camera shy, but here it looks like she's posing. :: The first of my cherry tomatoes :: And a story box I made for the little kiddies at Sundayschool.

And here is our enlargement and another pirate map. I LOVE this photo, because it so much tells the everyday-life-right-now story. And the fact that Liam is doing a belly flop into the pool is telling me how much things changed since last year's swimming season.

I square cropped and divided up the page digitally, and then had them printed at a printer as single photo's.
Word art is from Ali, and available at Designer Digitals (who's having a sale right now, ending tomorrow). And that was Week 44.

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