Monday, 18 November 2013

Project Life | Week 43

Hello and welcome to Week 21-27 October. This week was a bit of a breather for me, as Theunis didn't have to be away from home on site. But the reason being that he was writing two exams during that week. (And still working very hard at the office). What can I say, the work play balance have been totally off for us this year.

This week ended up with a lot of violets, pinks and blues. All colours represented in the Cobalt kit. I think it can totally work just bringing out certain kit colours in a spread and letting the whole album combined then make up the colour scheme.

So here I was :: Making some progress on a Granny Square blanket I'm working on :: And this made my day: the boys playing with the fish-eye feature on Reuben's kiddie camera. The results were hilarious.
"Home sweet home" word art is from Ali @ Designer Digitals.

I went to a Christmas craft market and at home took a photo of the stuff I bought :: I also took a photo of a pirate map by Liam. He was drawing quite a few of them lately. I sometimes include the actual art, or take a closely cropped photo. Here I included some background :: Pink bunny was my first, and probably last, attempt at Arigurumi. I made it for someone's babyshower together with a lovely large muslin cloth I bought. Muslin cloth was one of my favourite baby products when my kids were small and I think it will be a go to babyshower gift for me. Idea: I photographed the bunny on some kitpaper for a background.

The babyshower was really cute with so many touches I didn't even photograph :: I'm glad we stopped en route somewhere to photograph the Jakaranda flowers. This time of year Joburg is full of the lilac blossoms and when it rains the streets are covered in it too.

Right now I'm thinking about my kit for next year. I think I'll be going with Sea Foam, but we'll see.


  1. I really love your blanket you're making - so wish I could crochet as would love to have one!

    This is a gorgeous spread. Next year i'm sticking with Blush, the leftover Clementine I have and whatever freebies I pick up. Not spending a cent more than i need to!

  2. Oh, crochet is a lot easier than you'd think. I only learned last year and I'm lefthanded, so I'm sure you'll manage in no time. I'll save money somewhere else, but too much fun choosing a new kit for each year!

  3. Thanks for you sweet comment, Alida! Love your pages, too. The picture of the lilac blossoms is gorgeous, and I love how you included the safety pin on the journaling card for the baby shower!

    1. Thanks Kelli! The safety pin came from a little "nappy" we each got at the shower along with a mini bananna bread (bread in the oven pun).