Friday, 25 April 2014

Project Life | New Year's day (2)

Hi there, welcome to my second page of  our New Year's day, 2014. There is actually 3 spreads on New Year's day. Yes, I was very trigger happy on that day- waterfalls have that effect on me.  
At that point we were staying at a lodge near where my husband is currently on site. We took the hour or so drive through to the Sabie area. The drive itself was high altitude and very scenic with lots of Pine plantations along the way. But I wasn't quite prepared for the beauty we encountered that day.
I didn't use a lot of words on the spread, because as they say, a picture is worth, you know...
Yeah, just let the photo's talk...
I used some number stickers from my old Cobalt kit to number the waterfalls (we hiked one, drove to another, etc. three in total, all close to each other). The first one was Lone Creek Falls. One could go to the bottom of the falls and the top right photo was taken of us standing in the spray.
I took most of the photo's with the little Nikon, as it has a wider lens, but at times I took out my big Canon. It hasn't been the same since and now only has one focus point working since that day. I'm guessing it was all the moisture in the air there.
The cabins was at the second waterfall, Horseshoe. Would love to stay there one day. We found a secluded spot where the kids could swim in the clear water. On the b&w photo you can see a waterfall in the background, there's actually two going around a rock. We looked at it and said ahh, "Horseshoe"...
Word art is from Ali (available at Designer Digitals). January card was a freebie.
After enough rock jumping and swimming in the river, we hiked further up, and then suddenly found ourselves standing at the top looking down at the incredible sight of the actual Horse shoe...
A big double waterfall cascading into a pond before it goes downriver and splits into the second twin waterfall we saw earlier (number 2 on the photo).
Here I used a normal album protector trimmed down to hold the A4 enlargements. Folded over a lip and stapled it. And then a added a strip of paper (just glued on), to cover the staples and add some journaling. I got the idea from CT member, Juli Jones. (who used tape. Ps: Love her pages).
Here you can see the card where I name the waterfalls next to their number. Clothing tag was from the shirt I was wearing. The wooden photo was taken against the wooden huts you saw on the previous page. Transparency from Lilypad. Sun flare photo's: - so my favourite, especially if it has two waterfalls in the background. hehe.

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  1. Looks like the very best of days! And stunning pages