Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Project Life | New Year's day

I'm rewinding back to the beginning of the year and sharing some pages that I haven't posted yet.
This one covers New Year's day.
It was one of the rare days T wasn't working (he was working 7 days a week at that point). We spent the day in the beautiful Sabie area hiking three waterfalls, so lots of photo's (there's also another spread for this day).
This page covers making travel food in our cabin's outdoor kitchen, and the drive there. We had breakfast in the picnic area of Lone Creek falls, and then took the walk to the falls.
The wonderful  "twenty fourteen" is a freebie from Paisly Press I think. I've scrolled through my PL freebies board but can't locate it now. "Great day" cut from a (Coral)kit card.
I initially took the portraits for our cover page, but then I ended doing something different there, so I included it here. (Cover page photo's still needs to be printed).
This really was one of the best, if not the best day of this year.

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