Thursday, 10 April 2014

Project Life | Week 8

Welcome to week 17 - 23 February... where things get a little gloomy around here. 
First the boys each had a turn to be sick, and then, starting over the week-end, it was my turn.
But as I've journaled here, I do embrace sick days as a special time for me and the kids to just be. Especially if it's one on one time. I really try making this a time for them to feel comforted and enjoy their more quiet than usual play activities. Sometimes I would drop everything and sit with them on the couch and watch a movie, something we don't usually get around to do. I find this a special blessing of having a very flexible schedule. And even when I do have things scheduled , it's a no-brainer for me to cancel them when my kids are sick. I hope even sick days will one day be a happy memory to them.
The first photo is about it raining while the sun shines. "Monkeys wedding". Happens from time to time here in Jo'burg. Liam(6) took that photo of me. He seems to have an eye. I downloaded the Brothers and Sisters photo from the internet. I know we're very late on the bus, but we are so enjoying working through this series. And the last one is a flapjacks/drumming session. I added a grid card from previous kit.
I love Reuben's bird drawing with a signature added. And I regret not taking a photo of my once white, now chocolate brown duvet cover after Zoe rolled around on it while all wet and muddy. (Too exasperated at the time). Did include a "note" to her to please refrain from that in future.
Word art is from Ali Edwards and available at Designer Digitals. 

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