Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Backdated 2009 album | Weeks 1 & 2

Hi there, I'm back from a week away in the bush. And is it Tuesday already? Anyway, today I want to share the first two pages of the backdated 2009 album I'm working on. I've been taking about daily photo's back then, still having no idea that something like Project Life would come along. I've also kept a journal (something I'm no longer doing) and guess what, I recently discovered it in storage, which I thought was great timing.

I haven't come up with a cover page yet, but this is Week One. I'm loving the Jade kit for this year. And as always I love Ali's word art on my photo's.
It documents bits of our life while we were still in Durban. The botanical gardens, the beach, and here you see the Moses Mabida stadium still being built for the world to come and play soccer in 2010.
This is my favourite of the two weeks. Everyday life back then.
So happy now about capturing those details.
Life at home with two small kiddos. Discovering nature, baking, water play. Love love love working with these memories. I'm really looking forward to doing this album.
I always get weak at the memory of those curls, and wanted to print these photo's as enlargements. But when it came back from the printer as jumbo's I just worked around it and added some pattern paper on the side, and a kit card folded over.
And at the back of the insert I added another patterned card.
Ps: It was a nice surprise to discover (a little late) one of my pages featured at The Pocket Source


  1. Wish I had time to do backdates - not even keeping up with the current one right now. Totally love the idea

    1. I admire any working Mom who gets around to any sort of memory keeping. I honestly don't know how you do it.

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