Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Project Life | Week 9

Hello and welcome to Week 24 February - 2 March. Yesterday as I started to "work" on this post, I ended up writing a whole story on this season where my husband is working away from home (blogged yesterday). Well, of all the challenging weeks we had, this one was probably the most difficult. So yes, I was in Eeyore mode here...
And how great to find a freebie card that suited my mood! Today sucked card- click here.
So this week tells of my exasperation with another Monday (they come a lot faster than Week-ends around here). I was sick with a postnasal infection this week, and hubby had to leave earlier than planned, and I received other bad news as well, so just not a great day. It was also another week of lots of rain. I finally went to the doctor for antibiotics on Wednesday (when I started to suspect something was growing in my throat - sorry to gross anyone out) and did a little "cost analysis".
Relief = Priceless.
The insert included holds a drawing on one side, and chess puzzles on the other.
Here you can see Liam's drawing better.
Things got more positive after the meds worked so amazingly fast. Reuben discovered Scoobies, Theunis (who was also sick on site this week) picked me flowers in the veld on his way home, and I made Apple crumble. I cut some words from a kit card and adhered it onto the photo.
(I think the drawing is about what my throat felt like hehe).
Eventually I felt that while the page looked right for the mood I was in that week, it just felt too dark, so I decided to cut out the last photo and put it on a white piece of vellum with some journaling around. A bad week in some ways, but all part of the story.
Can I get spiritual? Here's what God ministered to me when I was really down during that week and just invited His Spirit to speak to me: I was reminded of the story of Jacob in the Bible, who discovered that he married Leah instead of Rebecca. Everything seemed to have gone wrong, I suppose. But everything was in fact going exactly right in the bigger scheme of things:- There had to be 12 sons for the 12 tribes of Israel (twelve is a very significant number for completion in the Bible). There had to be two sons distinct from the rest. One to go ahead into Egypt, and another to bring the others into Egypt. And they all had to end up in Egypt for the whole Exodus story to unfold, which is forever a picture of God's deliverance out of the slavery of sin. So sometimes, even when everything seems to be going all wrong, it might just be going all right.
(I still don't know the purpose of this particular week, but it's ok.)
Hope that encourages someone.

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