Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Project Life | Week 10

I skipped a week yesterday, but here it is: Week 3-9 March.
I never plan a colour scheme, but it's funny how one often emerges.
Snippets from this week: Liam losing a tooth at school :: Reuben taking orders for Scoobies..
Our Wire haired terrier making himself right at home (yes, he sleeps like that) :: An unexpected power cut, handled very well by me and the boys. There were talks of load shedding being back, but gratefully it's only been the one cut so far.
This was also a time where we've been waiting for a phone call from an interview T did. He was one of two candidates and if he got it, it would mean us relocating. So lots of being in limbo for us, and they were taking very long. ("This" card hand stamped, the white bit was cut from a kit card and placed over a patterned card that matched the page.)
A site photo with the company name being up (I blurred it out) :: I can't remember what we did on the week-end. Some weeks I'm more focused on details from the week, other times the week-ends, some weeks are a mix of both.
Word art is from Ali Edwards available at Designer Digitals.
March card was a freebie- not sure from where now.

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