Friday, 16 May 2014

Project Life | Week 12

Welcome to week 17 - 23 March.
This week actually runs over two pages with the second spread containing more photo's of a Boot camp party we attended. When putting it together I thought that I probably could have just told the Boot camp story on the insert included here, and called it good. But as per usual, at the time when selecting the photo's there were too many I didn't want to leave out. For the insert I used Ali's 6.6 x 12 Words and photo's template. Loving them right now.
The challenge this week was that our geyser leaked, resulting not only in a big hole in the ceiling, but also in the ceiling entrance hanging in pieces when it gave way upon inspecting the geyser.
But with a long week-end thrown in this week was redeemed.
And here's a look at the flip side.
More Boot camp photo's to follow in the next post.

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