Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Project Life | Week 11

Wow, I can't believe I'm still not nearly caught -up on my PL posts. Life keeps getting in the way, and that's a good thing I suppose. Well, here we have Week 10 - 16 March. When it rained a lot...
That heart shaped leaf was a little gift and a reminder that you could still give your beauty to others, even when things aren't looking up for yourself...
Not that I was feeling all saintly and superwomen that week, nor sufficiently grateful for the rain. When I see that hand stamped card saying "rain rain and more rain" I remember loads of wet washing that had nowhere to go but all over the house...ahh perspective. Something that's been giving me wonderful perspective is this daily devotional called Whispers of hope by Beth Moore.
The "heart this" card was a limited time freebie once from Carla Dudley.
Here- more everyday details. I previously blogged on my morning learning Lino printmaking. The last photo is my man's hand making us scones every Sunday morning..."Good stuff" also cut from a Carla Dudley card. "Real Life" was a freebie from Ali Edwards. Word art also Ali.
And then I need to tell you about my recent discovery. She's a bestseller, and when I came across her on Pinterest I knew I've heard the name before, but it's the first time I went to her blog...
I'm talking about Ann Voskamp. Watching this video about her book, One thousand Gifts, affirmed again for me why I was doing Project Life: It's about being awake to all the moments, all the gifts from Above that is the bits of my life. And to live with a attitude of gratitude towards all this everyday beauty. To see the blessings pouring down...even when it rains.

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